Author: Ruth Hamilton

Title: With Love From Ma Maguire

Genre: General Fiction (Adult)/ Historical Fiction

Publication date: 30th June,2011

Publisher: Random House UK,Transworld Publishers

Purchase link: Anywhere books are sold online.

Book Blurb

Perfect for fans of Catherine Cookson, a moving and emotional saga of fierce passions set in the Lancashire cotton mills from Sunday Times bestseller Ruth Hamilton. 

Can you love and hate someone in equal measure?

1904. Despite their riches and wealth, the Swainbank family cannot find peace. The poor Maguires are destitute but proud. There is no love lost between the two families.

When Richard Swainbank and Philly Maguirefirst meet, a train of overpowering love, passion, hatred and secrecy is born, which would dog the two rival families for years and years, and have far reaching consequences…

My Review

With Love from Ma Maguire is the first book of Ruth Hamilton I am reading. The heroine is Maguire. I love how she came to be “Ma Maguire”.

Such an interesting page turning book.

This book is full of humour. I enjoyed Ma Maguire and Mother Blue’s banter and chatter and other awesome characters you can’t help noticing in this book.

As a trained health educator, I am impressed at the author’s knowledge of hygiene and poor sanitary practices and the diseases that results from unhygienic practices. This is an eye opener and what a perfect novel to include fresh knowledge.

This book is heavy on lots of themes. Themes of love, family,good hygiene, choices etc.

I lack the adjectives  to describe  this book but I am rating it 5 stars perfectly.

So many characters you will love and enjoy in this book. You will feel lots of emotions but the story will stay with you even after dropping  the book to take a break.

One thing I learnt from this book is that “the truth will  definitely come out at the end”.

The book cover is so captivating. Ma Maguire will always be my favourite character in this novel. I don’t want to drop spoilers but I love Molly, Sarah,Daisy, Charlie and Janet!

This book is so clean and fit to be read by any historical saga fan.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Random House UK through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About the Author

Ruth Hamilton was the author of numerous novels, including Mulligan’s YardThe Reading RoomMersey ViewThat Liverpool GirlLights of LiverpoolA Liverpool Song, and Meet Me at the Pier Head. She lived in Liverpool for many years, before passing away in 2016.


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