Author: Lesley Eames

Title: The Orphan Twins

Genre: General Fiction (Adult)/ Historical Fiction Saga.

Publication date: 23rd July,2020

Publisher: Aria

Purchase link: Amazon

Book Blurb

They only had each other . . . until they were torn apart.

London, 1910. Lily is ten years old when she realises her grandmother, a washerwoman in the backstreets of London’s Bermondsey, is seriously ill. She’s determined to do what can she can to help and keep her grandmother’s illness a secret – even from her beloved twin, Artie. But Gran isn’t getting any better, and there’s only so much Lily can do…

When tragedy strikes and the twins are faced with the prospect of a workhouse or an orphanage, a benefactor offers to take Artie in and educate him. All Artie’s needs will be taken care of – but the gentleman has no use for a girl. The twins have lost everything they knew and loved, but they never thought they’d lose each other.

As the orphan twins grow up and take different paths, their new lives are beyond anything they could have imagined. Will they ever find a way to be together again?

Set against the backdrop of the First World War, The Orphan Twins is the heart-wrenching new saga from Lesley Eames, bestselling author of The Brighton Guest House Girls and two-time RNA Romantic Saga award nominee.

My Review

This book has been on my TBR (To Be Read) pile on my phone. I finally finished the other books and picked The Orphan Twins by Lesley Eames. Immediately I started the first two pages,I knew this was a good book.

I am a big fan of historical sagas.

I love the twins ,Lily and Artie. I favour Lily the more. She seems more mature and knowledgeable for her age and she loves her twin brother and granny.

This book is deserving of a 5 star rating. So page turning, attention grabbing, edge – of- a seat feeling and overall,an excellent book.

My heart broke at the suffering Gran experienced due to old age and poverty. I wanted to cry at some scenes. With food sparse and money tight,the twins and their Granny looked forward to the next day.

The quest for education by the twins touched my heart. Both of them love reading books. I felt for Lily more. Such a sweet brave girl.

Grab some tissues,you are going to cry at some scenes. I love this book.

Siblings love is so great and emotional.

I love Lily’s friends;Elsie and Phyllis. What a great bond of friendship between them.

I love dear old Mr. Bax. An awesome man he was!

Mr. Alderton is a good man despite him not taking large part of the plot but his support towards Artie’s education will make me to appreciate him.

Leasley Eames writes well. You can’t help falling in love with her book characters.

War is terrible but life must go on. I salute Lily for her courage in the midst of war.

This is the best historical saga I have read this year that touched my heart deeply.

I love this book so much.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Aria through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely mine.

About the Author

Winner of awards such as the Festival of Romance New Talent Award and the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Elizabeth Goudge Cup, Lesley Eames writes 1920’s sagas as well as short stories for the women’s magazine market. She is also a creative writing tutor, mentor and editor. Based in Hertfordshire, UK, Lesley loves working from home because she can share the adventures of her characters while wearing slippers and drinking copious cups of tea. 
Follow her on Twitter: @LesleyEames or visit her website:



Author: Kathleen Fuller

Title: Amish Generations

Genre: Amish Fiction/ Christian Fiction

Publication date: 02 June, 2020

Publisher: Zondervan

Purchase link: Amazon

Book Blurb

Four sweet and funny Amish love stories, spanning four different generations. Love comes at all times and for all ages!

Young Love—When Fern was diagnosed with a chronic illness in her early twenties, she knew it would limit her abilities to be a good Amish wife. And with Dan, the object of her affection, in a serious relationship, there didn’t seem much point in dating. But Dan is now single, and he seems to be taking notice of Fern. She’ll need a strong dose of courage to talk down the fear her illness has brought on if she ever wants to pursue her dreams.

Long-Awaited Love—When Everett left ten years ago, Jemima’s love quickly turned to hate. But when they arrive back home at the same bus station on the same day, they discover some old flames aren’t put out so easily. Can they move past the forces that pulled them apart ten years ago, or are some hurts too much to overcome? 

Second-Chance Love—Benjamin and Lora Beth both lost spouses not long into their young marriages and connect over letters, exchanging recipes and commiseration as their now-grown children try to coddle them. They’re only in their forties, for heaven’s sake! The letters quickly reveal a deep friendship . . . or could it be more? When you’ve already had a great love, how do you learn to fall in love again?

Never Too Late—Jerald is a committed old bachelor. He loves nothing more than good Amish food and giving his best friend’s wife, Regina, a hard time. When people have asked—and believe him, people have asked—he’s always said he’ll marry when he finds the right woman. It’s just never happened in his seventy years. Until he tastes the best blueberry pie and discovers the woman behind it: Regina’s best friend, Elva.

My Review

Amish Generations by Kathleen Fuller has four stories in it.

Young Love: Fern and Dan’s story. I enjoyed it so much. Imagine crushing on a guy you like for eleven years?
Fern’s story gave me an inspiration. Sickness shouldn’t determine your life.

Long- Awaited Love. Stubborn Jemima and friendly Everett. Two different characters in this part of the story. All those food mentioned there made me to really toast my bread loaves in my toaster and drink water just because I was yearning for rolls and chocolate cake.  I love how forgiveness was portrayed in this story.

Second – Chance Love. Ben and  Lora Beth. Two middle aged people who lost their spouses through death. They find comfort in exchanging food recipes through letters. I enjoyed their letters. I felt like I was sneaking on their private lives but I had to remind myself, they are fictional. There is always a second chance for everybody.

Never Too Late.
Elva and Jerald story. It is never too late for love.

Kathleen Fuller writes good Amish stories with themes of love,forgiveness, family, God,second chances, appetizing foods and friendship etc.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About the author

With over a million copies sold, Kathleen Fuller is the author of several bestselling novels, including the Hearts of Middlefield novels, the Middlefield Family novels, the Amish of Birch Creek series, and the Amish Letters series as well as a middle-grade Amish series, the Mysteries of Middlefield. Visit her online at; Instagram: kf_booksandhooks; Facebook: WriterKathleenFuller; Twitter: @TheKatJam.


Author: Ruth Reid

Title: Steadfast Mercy

Genre: Amish Fiction/ Christian Fiction

Publication date: 7th July,2020

Publisher: Zondervan

Purchase link: Amazon

Book Blurb

She’d told herself she’d never go back home. But that was before the accident—before life changed forever.

After the tragic death of her parents, Jonica Muller must return to the Amish community she left in shame. Tasked with settling her father’s estate, she plans to keep her visit as brief as possible so she can return to start a life with Ephraim, a widower who has offered her and her five-year-old son the stability of a family.

But Jonica’s childhood home in Posen, Michigan, won’t let her go so quickly. Her father’s sister, Aenti Edna, is showing signs of a slipping mind. To Jonica’s alarm, Edna’s begun entertaining a mysterious redheaded Englischer who has unclear intentions toward the aging woman and the Mullers’ property.

Caleb is a young farmer working Edna’s land, trying to hide his own secret shame from his family and his girlfriend, Darleen. But when Jonica asks him to come to Edna’s aid, she unwittingly sets events in motion that change everyone’s ability to live in the shadows of their lives.

Steadfast Mercy is a tender love story at the intersection of heartbreak, forgiveness, and grace.

My Review

Steadfast Mercy by Ruth Reid is an interesting Amish novel.

Jonica and Caleb are two characters you need to meet in this book. I admired them both.  You need to watch out for Mr. Jordan. I am happy he was put into the plot among other characters. His words will stay in your heart after reading this book.

All those food mentioned in this novel made me hungry. I really want to live in an Amish community so I can eat freshly baked bread with a glass of milk.

Themes of faith and prayer were explored here. I love how bible verses and prayers were sprinkled in this novel without them being too preachy.

Other themes were navigated thoroughly. You really need to read this novel.

The story played like a movie in my head. You will feel all kinds of emotions while reading this book.
All things are possible for those who believe” was quoted by Mr Jordan to Caleb. That is my favourite bible verse. I had to smile and read it over and over.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About the Author

Ruth Reid is the CBA and ECPA bestselling author of the Heaven on Earth, the Amish Wonders, and the Amish Mercies series. A full-time pharmacist, Ruth lives in Florida with her husband and three children. Visit her at

Callie Beaulieu has been an actress for several decades. Classically trained, she is predominantly a theater actress, and her work has been seen around the country. Callie recently returned to the US after spending nearly a decade living in the Caribbean. She is a proud member of Actors Equity Association and SAG-AFTRA.

Diaries Of An Enugu Corper by Excel Andy. Episode 7.

Episode 7.

Copa Excel during her Monthly CDS(Community Development Service) meetings.

Excel and the roasted corn seller were laughing over some funny customers who were pricing the roasted corn at unreasonable prices. The roasted corn seller muttered some insults at them and sold hot corn on the cob for Excel.

Copa Excel stopped to buy some fresh fruits at a nearby kiosk. While waiting for the seller to attend to her,a man who has been staring at Excel came up to her to inquire if Excel attended his church the previous day.

Excel has never seen such a person in her life before. She quickly bought her fruits and made polite but hasty conversation with the man who still insisted that Excel attended his church that Sunday. He even described the people Excel came in. Copa Excel was a bit alarmed. She assumed he must be a stalker so she walked fast and ran the whole way to her room in the Corper’s lodge.

The next day,she dressed up and went to work. While returning from her workplace with her colleague, the same man called her name from a three storey building. She looked up as he motioned for her to come up through the stairways to his office.

Copa Excel looked at her colleague and asked if it was wise to see that man. Her colleague told her to check and know what he wanted to say.

Excel took the stairs and got to his office. She saw the same man that accosted her at the fruit kiosk the previous day. She was about to bolt when a friendly looking man invited her into the office.

Excel Andy

Mr. Friendly Face smiled at her and told her to sit beside Mr. Stalker. Mr. Stalker smiled at Excel and said “You’re more beautiful up close. I knew what I saw in my church.”

Copa Excel knew right there that she took a bad decision to inquire over why Mr. Stalker called her from his office. She decided to ignore him because he was staring at her in a way that suggested unhidden lust as if he hasn’t seen a woman in a long time.

Excel shifted uncomfortably in her seat and asked in a tough voice, “why do you want to see me?”

Mr. Friendly Face took over the discussion. He spoke about religion and the need to serve God and be faithful. All those times he was speaking,Copa Excel was trying to know the essence of her presence in the office.

Meanwhile, Mr. Stalker was staring at all parts of Excel’s body especially her upper extremity. He got bold and carried one of her hand into his big palm. Excel removed her hand quickly. He smiled and rested his palm on her thigh. Excel couldn’t take it anymore. She raised her voice and ask if he can’t keep his hands to himself. He muttered an apology and kept to himself.

Copa Excel got angry and interrupted Mr. Friendly Face. She asked to know the purpose of this unnecessary meeting. Mr. Friendly Face smiled at Excel and said “This is your husband. Mr. Stalker wants to marry you. Please be his wife”.

Excel looked at Mr. Stalker from head to toe and she didn’t like what she saw. Mr. Stalker is not what is called “attractive” in Excel’s dictionary. His skin colour wasn’t smooth or beautiful. His potbelly described him as a lover of beer and meat. His teeth were gap toothed and he didn’t have a good dentition whenever he smiled. In short,Mr. Stalker was disqualified in Excel’s eyes.

When she finished her appraisal,she asked Mr. Stalker why he wishes to marry her. Mr. Stalker replied “I have been seeing this lady more than thrice after praying. I first saw her in my church dancing. The second day,I saw her buying roasted corn and fruits behind my house and today, she passed through my office. I prayed these three times and immediately my eyes were open,I am always seeing her. Tell me,isn’t that a sign from heaven that she is my wife?”

Copa Excel was just looking at Mr. Stalker who doesn’t believe in the law of coincidences. She smiled at him and said “Mr. Stalker,I am not your wife. I was invited to your church by my friends to celebrate thanksgiving service for the outgoing corpers. The other time you saw me buying fruits outside,my house isn’t far from the market.I work at the University Staff School and this is the route I follow to and fro. So please,I am not your wife. Please excuse me,I need to start going to my room. It is getting late.”

As Excel stood up to pass,the two men stood up with her and hurriedly started gathering their bags to follow her. Mr. Friendly Face ran after Excel and was trying to make her understand why a marriage to Mr. Stalker was the best.

Meanwhile, Mr. Stalker’s office colleagues were hailing him and congratulating him over his beautiful fiancée,Copa Excel.

Excel started wondering when she became fiancée. She stood and smiled at them. In her mind,she was seething and wondering if the man had mental disorder. Mr. Stalker ran to his HOD’s office and came out with a middle aged man. This man came to Excel and said “congratulations!”

Copa Excel started walking fast. Mr. Friendly Face was shouting at her to slow down that fast walking is not good for a new wife. Excel made up her mind to run. She told herself that those two men are officially mad. From fiancée to wife in just one day to a total stranger whose name she barely remembered.

Just as she was trying to cross the road, the two men caught up with her. She stopped to hear why Mr. Friendly Face was shouting her name. He came up to her and told her to calm down that she is just scared. That Mr. Stalker is a good man capable of taking care of her.

Mr. Stalker came behind Mr. Friendly Face and gave Copa Excel a car key. Excel looked at the key suspiciously and questioningly. He told her that the car key is her key now that she is his wife. Excel decided to play along. She asked for the car. He pointed to a big Sienna model parked in the car park. Copa Excel smiled at him and said she isn’t interested in cars and their keys.

Copa Excel hailed a taxi and stopped at her lodge. She came out of the taxi and saw Mr. Stalker and Mr. Friendly Face waiting for her. Excel got more afraid. She braced up and went to them. Mr. Friendly Face started shouting at her on good behaviours to elders. That Excel is so rude and mannerless bla bla bla.

Excel got tired and told both of them to leave her alone,that she can’t give an answer to something big like marriage so easily and casually.

For days,Mr. Stalker came to Copa’s Excel’s flat to see her. He was really begging her to marry him. Excel has never seen a pathetic scene where a stranger begs to marry another stranger just like that.

The last visit, Copa Excel faced the man and said “No! I won’t marry you. The age gap is there. You lie a lot. You’re an alcoholic. I don’t like you,please look for your age mate and marry”.

Right there,Mr. Stalker started crying. He looked so ugly and pitiful while crying. Copa Excel ran away from the car and stood at a safe distance. Mr. Stalker blared his car horn many times to draw her attention. He blared it severally and Excel reasoned within herself that if he continues to blare his horn,the whole flat mates will come outside to know the source of the noise.

She went to him and begged him to stop his noise. He asked her if she will marry him? Excel said a big fat “No!”

After few conversations, Mr. Stalker finally drove away and he never came visiting anymore. Copa Excel was relieved and happy. She saw Mr. Stalker at few occasions but he never disturbed her again.

Thank you for reading my episodes so far. Do you enjoy them? Should I write more?


Author: Tope Omotosho

Title: Crumbled

Genre: Christian Fiction Romance

Publication date: 5th June,2020


Book Blurb

Almost everything in Shola’s life seems to be falling apart. With a rain of emotions breaking him, Shola faces the temptation of returning to his past life of women and alcohol, yet no matter how sweet it was, he must also remember it’s a past that almost cost him his life. But will Tobi’s long kept secret be the final blow that pushes him over?

Tobi is fed up with her marriage after hiding her true sexuality for years. She has only wanted one thing in life: freedom. And she’s so close to getting it. The itch to leave her husband for a woman appeals to her day by day. One thing is clear, she must also deal with the consequences of her actions when everything comes crumbling.

Purchase links: Bambooks| Amazon| Okadabooks

This is one story of crumbling hearts and, a touch of hope.

My Review

Crumbled by Tope Omotosho is a novel with settings in Nigeria that explores tough but honest situations.

Wow! What an interesting captivating book. I read this novel on Okadabooks app while listening to the narrator and reading the words along mentally on my phone screen.

This is a Christian novel that touches strong themes prevalent in our society today.

Woman to Woman and man to man doesn’t reflect God’s image. It is against his design and blessing to mankind.” Theme of homosexuality.

This book is a page turner. What an attention grabbing book with lots of characters peculiar to the plot.

What I’m saying is,I want to keep getting hot for God. He wants me to get the passion for Him  going. Keep the fire burning. Spread the news that He’s coming and stand for Him in this Kingdom battle for lost souls”.
Zainab’s words to Micah. Theme of love and hunger for God.

Marriage for me is forever. Not when you get tired  or fed up”. Shola’s words here confirms that the theme of marriage is largely expressed in this book.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the Author

Tope Omotosho is passionate about impacting the world through timeless wisdom and knowledge found in her thought provoking stories and writing that applies to all ages. Her stories and articles cut across love, relationships and romance in a way that does not deny the relevance of God in our everyday life. She is a devoted christian, passionate about bringing people to the knowledge of God’s true and unfailing love.
You can read more of her stories at

Instagram: topeomotoshowrites
Twitter: Temiluv360
Facebook: Tope Omotosho


Author: Janette Oke

Title: A Woman Named Damaris

Series: Women of the West,book 4

Genre: Christian Fiction

Publication date: 1991. EBook edition ,2011.

Publisher: Bethany House


Book Blurb

Damaris escapes her father’s drunken abuse, but she can’t seem to escape her profound loneliness. Does the Bible hold the answer to both that and the question of why she is A Woman Named Damaris?

She was almost fifteen on the night she dared for the first time to think of what life might be like away from home. Pa again had come home drunk and mean; the trauma of the subsequent scene had been repeated as long as Damaris could remember. The idea that she no longer needs to tolerate this, that maybe she’s old enough to manage on her own, is planted in her mind and begins to grow. She must plan her escape carefully, but she must get away from him.

When the opportunity comes, Damaris carries with her the strength of her mother’s love. Two treasures hidden for years from her father- her grandmother’s lacy golden brooch and her grandfather’s lovely watch- are Damaris’ only legacy from her past. That and her name. Her mother said it came from the Bible and had a special meaning that she can’t remember anymore. What difference might it make?

But Damaris can’t escape the “aloneness” that haunts her life or the bitterness she feels when she sees others suffering, particularly children. Ultimately, she must come to terms with her past, learn to live in her present circumstances, and trust her future to another Father.

She Discovered Much More Than the Meaning of Her Name in That Book

My Review

A woman named Damaris is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. I haven’t read any of the first three books.

This is one of my favourite book by Janette Oke. I read it many years ago when I was younger. This book was sitting in my ebook library so I had to revisit it again. It felt good reading it and I enjoyed it more this time around.

It has 24 chapters. Each page is attention grabbing and interesting.

I love Damaris. What a young lady she is!

You need to read this book.

It might be an oldie but it is a goldie!

Oh yes.I have a Bible,I don’t know how I would ever have survived without it”. Miss Dover’s words. I love Miss Dover. She is a good character you need to watch out for in this book.

Damaris is a name from the Bible. You might need to read this book to find the exact Bible chapter and verse.

This is a clean and enjoyable Christian fiction novel. It will always be among my favourite books. I highly recommend it to everybody especially fans of Janette Oke.

This is my honest review.

About the Author

Janette Oke pioneered inspirational fiction and is the leading author in the category today. Love Comes Softly, Janette’s first novel, has sold over 1 million copies. Janette is now the best selling author of over 40 books, 32 of which have been translated into fourteen languages. Janette receives fan mail from all over the world and answers each letter personally She received the 1992 President’s Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association for her significant contribution to Christian fiction, and has been awarded the coveted Gold Medallion Award for fiction. Janette and her husband, Edward, have four grown children and nine grandchildren and make their home in Canada. 


Author: Erica Vetsch

Title: The Lost Lieutenant

Genre: Christian Romance/Regency

Publication date: 21 April,2020

Publisher: Independent Publishers Group

Pages:276 (Epub)

Amazon purchase link:

Book Blurb

He’s doing what he can to save the Prince Regent’s life . . . but can he save his new marriage as well?

Evan Eldridge never meant to be a war hero–he just wanted to fight Napoleon for the future of his country. And he certainly didn’t think that saving the life of a peer would mean being made the Earl of Whitelock. But when the life you save is dear to the Prince Regent, things can change in a hurry.

Now Evan has a new title, a manor house in shambles, and a stranger for a bride, all thrust upon him by a grateful ruler. What he doesn’t have are all his memories. Traumatized as a result of his wounds and bravery on the battlefield, Evan knows there’s something he can’t quite remember. It’s important, dangerous–and if he doesn’t recall it in time, will jeopardize not only his marriage but someone’s very life.

Readers who enjoy Julie Klassen, Carolyn Miller, and Kristi Ann Hunter will love diving into this brand-new Regency series filled with suspense, aristocratic struggles, and a firm foundation of faith.

My Review

The Lost Lieutenant by Erica Vetsch is the first book in the Serendipity and Secrets series. It is a Christian Fiction Romance.

I am so glad to read a book by Erica Vetsch. I have been seeing this particular book on Facebook book groups and on Instagram pages of book bloggers. I am pleased to be given a copy by the publisher.

This is a Regency book set in England. I am a big fan of Historical Fiction books so I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.

I love Evan, Diana, Marcus and Shand. I was always looking forward to seeing their scenes in the plot.  I favour Evan the more.

I love the hymn Diana sang to baby Cian. It is my favourite hymn.

I wish this book can be made into a movie. So  much action and suspense. Indeed,this is a Christian fiction novel.

Theme of second born males acting as spares was buttressed in the book. I was shocked to discover that such ideology existed during the time and the setting of this book.

I love Marcus so much. You can’t help noticing him in this book.

My favourite quote from this book is “You don’t say no to the Prince Regent”.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Independent Publishers Group through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About the Author

Erica Vetsch is a New York Times best-selling author and ACFW Carol Award winner, and has been a Romantic Times top pick for her previous books. She loves Jesus, history, romance, and watching sports. This transplanted Kansan now makes her home in Rochester, Minnesota. Learn more about Erica at

Diaries Of An Enugu Corper By Excel Andy. Episode 6.

Episode 6.

Copa Excel at Shoprite, Enugu city.

Copa Excel and her two roommates were excited to visit the Shoprite Mall at Enugu city. They had planned on how the day would be like and the day came so fast.

These three young ladies boarded a bus from Nsukka to Enugu city. They were so excited. They took lots of photos in the bus,laughed,pointed out fascinating things outside the bus. They were full of happiness because they were taking a break from their hectic work schedules to have fun for themselves.

Finally,they arrived at Shoprite mall. They did window shopping, took lots of photos at good angles in the mall. They really walked from one end of the shopping mall to the other end,glancing at objects they won’t buy and taking photos over and over.

Copa Excel had fun that day. It was time to eat because the excitement at the mall woke up a large appetite in her. She and her roommates went to the provisions store at the mall to see if they could buy something to take home because they couldn’t go empty handed.

Excel went towards the bakery. She saw the price for a large loaf of freshly baked bread at Two hundred and twenty naira only. She bought two loaves of bread because she had heard a lot of hype over the Shoprite bread. Excel bought other little things and prepared to pay for her purchased items.

The queues at each counter were long and slow. Copa Excel and her roommates stood at a queue with less customers. When it got to Excel’s turn to pay,she was surprised at the inflation of the prices. She knew she saw Two hundred and twenty naira for each loaf of freshly baked bread but what was on her receipt was Eight hundred and eighty naira.

Excel had to ask how come her bread prices were inflated. The lady behind the counter spoke with an Igbotic phoney accent,”One blead is Four hundred and forty naira. You bought two bleads making them Eight hundred and eighty naira. The prices are on my computer, they are there. Check your receipt well”.

Copa Excel has never seen daylight robbery like this in her life before. She wanted to protest over the unfair price inflation but the customers on the queue were impatient and started murmuring. She had to suppress the urge to tackle that matter right there because she was sure of the price before she picked a product.

Her two roommates dragged her away from the counter to avoid public embarrassment. Excel was so upset but her anger dissipated at the mention of ice cream by one of her roommates. The three of them bought medium containers of ice cream and relished the taste the flavours gave them.

It was time to go home. Copa Excel told her two roommates that she would love to spend the night with her friends at the Nccf state family house. She went there,had a good time catching up with news from her friends.

The next day,Excel planned to return to her local government, Nsukka. She didn’t know how she will go from the family house to the nearest bus stop. She enquired from other corpers at the family house, they gave her directions to the bus park.

Copa Excel hailed a moving bus. She asked the bus conductor if the bus was going to HolyGhost park,he replied some things in Igbo language which Excel assumed was ‘Yes,we dey go. Enter inside,let’s move’.

Other passengers adjusted in their seats so Excel could squeeze in between the spaces. She paid her fare to the bus conductor. Lots of passengers were entering and alighting at different . Copa Excel was wondering whether the bus driver had forgotten she was to stop at HolyGhost Park.

When she couldn’t take her silence anymore,she turned to her neighbor, an elderly man with a kind face. She spoke in English to him as she barely knew how to converse in Igbo language. She greeted him and asked if the bus has passed through HolyGhost park. The kind old man laughed and said, “No,my dear. The bus hasn’t arrived at the park yet. I am also going towards that direction too. Don’t worry,when we get to the park,I will let you know.”

Copa Excel breathed a sigh of relief. She was thankful she wasn’t going off course. She patiently sat in the bus for what seemed like hours when in reality,they were long minutes instead. At last,the bus stopped at the park. The kind old man told Excel that they have arrived at the park. Excel thanked the old man so much. She crossed the road, entered the park,bought a ticket to Nsukka and enjoyed the journey back to her local government. She was thankful she didn’t get lost in Enugu city because of Shoprite.

Thank you for reading this episode. I appreciate your interest and support so far. Episode 7 will be made available. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for more email notifications on the Diaries of an Enugu Corper.

Thank you!

Diaries Of An Enugu Corper by Excel Andy. Episode 5.

Episode 5.

Copa Excel and her Afro kinky hair!

One beautiful morning on a lovely week,Copa Excel was relaxing in her room at the Corpers Lodge. She went through her WhatsApp status updates to look at her friends posts. She saw a flier being advertised multiple times by different people. Her curiosity made her to zoom the flier to know what exactly the event is.

She was happy to see that the flier was inviting all Enugu state corpers for the NCCF Alumni Reunion and State Conference at Enugu City. NCCF means Nigerian Christian Corpers Fellowship. Copa Excel loves NCCF programmes. She has participated in their Rural Rugged evangelism and their Sunday church services. She loves their family song.

Copa Excel quickly checked her calendar to see if her work schedule can permit her to travel for the state conference as she was part of the organizing, protocol and ushering unit for the conference.

God in heaven favoured her through her HM. She was granted permission to travel for the State Conference and Alumni Reunion. Excel was overjoyed. She packed her clothes ,shoes,toiletries, bible,jotter and other necessary things needed for a comfortable stay at the event.

Excel joined her zone’s family house bus to travel down to Enugu city where the programmes were to be held. Immediately she got to the church, her duty as an usher began. She assisted the head usher,did the necessary ushering and listened to the messages from the invited ministers.

She did her work joyfully for the duration of the conference which was for three days. On the last day,the day slated for the alumni reunion. The room Copa Excel shared with other sisters was a buzz of excitement. Everybody was doing their best to look good. Perfumes, powders,lip glosses,beautiful dresses and head scarves were arrayed by pretty women in the room.

Copa Excel was in her ushering uniform for that day. She applied her powder on her face,moist her lips with her gloss,arranged her head scarf to a comfortable but elegant style,wiped off the dust on her shoes and prepared to usher at the event.

Luckily for her,the head usher posted her to man the alumni wing. Copa Excel was delighted. She told herself “Maybe one of the cute brothers in this wing might notice me. We can’t tell what will happen after this reunion. That’s why it is called Alumni Reunion. There must be a reunion tonight.”

One by one,the alumni were ushered to their seats. Copa Excel made sure she was cheerful and smiling as she ushered each brother to his seat.

It was time for introduction of the alumni. Some sisters at the choir wing were whispering amongst themselves. Their eyes were trained on the alumni wing. Copa Excel spoke inwardly to herself “So,I am not the only one that came to this reunion with motive? Oh dear! There is competition o.

The anchor for the event invited each person in the alumni wing to do a public introduction. Brother One stood up,he was very tall,dark and average looking. He said his name and he gave his relationship status as “In a relationship”.

Excel Andy.

Copa Excel refused to be discouraged. Thank God, there are lots of brothers seated at the alumni wing. All of them can’t be in a relationship at once. She mused.

Brother Two stood up,did the normal response and said he is “engaged”. The sisters at the choir wing were getting pale in their faces. This doesn’t look too good for eager hearts.

That was how Brothers Three,Four,Five and Six said they were either “engaged,in a relationship, single or it is complicated”. There were loud groans from the sisters as each brother mentioned his relationship status.

Just as Copa Excel was giving up on each brother in the alumni wing. A cute brother in a neatly sewn Ankara materials on fine polished shoes walked into the event. He was late and trying to hurry to a seat in the alumni wing. Copa Excel signalled to her fellow usher to give him a good seat. She prayed inwardly that he should be very much single. ‘Such a fine brother indeed‘.

When it was the turn of this brother to introduce himself. He stood up and smiled to the people in the hall. Excel saw he had nice dentition and a charming smile. Brother Fine Shoes made the hall lively with his stories. When he got to the point of saying his relationship status, Copa Excel and the other sisters sat up straighter to catch his next words.

Brother Fine Shoes took a moment to grab the attentions of the people listening to him. He was obviously being dramatic. He took a deep breath and said “I am corrosively engaged!”

Everybody in the hall including Excel shouted “Ahhhhhhh”.

Excel was so upset and disappointed. She didn’t bother to look towards the alumni wing anymore. She asked rhetorically “What kind of alumni reunion is this one? How can everybody invited be engaged or in a relationship? Who does that? I mean,who really does that?”

Copa Excel did her ushering duties that night. The next day,she packed her stuffs,entered her bus and returned back to her local government. “So much for alumni reunion” ,she said sarcastically.

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Episode 4.

Copa Excel.

When Copa Excel was in the Orientation Camp at Agwu,Enugu State,she was a frequent visitor at the camp’s clinic. She suffered swollen toes due to the tight shoes and frequent marching enforced by the soldiers.

One day,she went to the clinic at the camp to complain of pains in her stomach. Excel didn’t like how casual those corpers acting as medical personnel were. She decided to play smart and enquire over the course the person attending to her read when he was in school.

The medical personnel laughed and told her he studied Physiotherapy at Russia. Copa Excel did not believe him. He had to bring out his school ID card and truthfully, he studied physiotherapy over there. He massaged Excel’s belly and legs to the point that Excel started feeling sleepy.

Months after being discharged from the camp at Agwu. Copa Excel saw that physiotherapist in her LG during monthly clearance. She was happy to see a familiar face after those times spent in the camp.

Mr. Russia was equally happy to see Excel. He collected her number so there won’t be communication hitch. Copa Excel was skeptical about giving out her number to him because she saw a golden band on his ring finger of his left hand. She remembered that he has denied ever being married. His excuses were that, he wore the ring on his left hand to avoid the Russian girls because he is a good looking Nigerian man.

To avoid embarrassing him further,Copa Excel gave him her phone number since it was strictly Nysc information. Next thing Excel got were calls after calls from Mr. Russia asking if they could hang out in different places. Excel politely declined.

One day, there was a general CDS meeting at the LG Secretariat. All corpers were mandated to attend the meeting. Copa Excel was talking with her fellow corpers. She didn’t know that her phone has been ringing in her bag. She unconsciously reached out for her phone to check the time and she saw lots of missed calls from Mr. Russia. She tried calling back but there was not sufficient airtime to make the call. Just then,Mr. Russia call came in,Excel tried to pick it up but her screen suddenly became sensitive and couldn’t respond until the call went off after ringing so loudly and long.

Copa Excel wanted to buy something at the nearest shop. She saw Mr. Russia standing in front of a white car that has written inscriptions on it. The car was decorated like an idol. It was so unattractive and queer looking and a model that Excel hasn’t seen in a long time.

Excel happily went to meet Mr. Russia and to enquire over the incessant frequent calls. Meanwhile, Mr. Russia and his car were packed directly in front of the Secretariat so everybody on ground that day could see them.

As Copa Excel got closer to Mr. Russia,he started shouting at her angrily. Excel tried to calm him down but he refused to have none of that. He started saying “Do you think I want to date you? Do you know why I am calling you? You refused to pick up my calls and you were busy looking at your phone while I was calling you. Who do you think you are? Do you think I like you or what? You’re just there feeling yourself because I am calling you”.

Excel’s mouth was open like a large capital letter ‘O’. This guy is publicly disgracing her in front of all the whole corpers like an angry boyfriend. Who does that?

She was about to say something, he raised his hand to signal silence. Copa Excel quickly obeyed and mentally prepared herself for the next angry outburst but instead, Mr. Russia opened that white queer car,sat inside,slammed the door and drove off angrily and dangerously. His tires were squealing in the distance and he was swerving angrily on the road.

Copa Excel finally spoke to the thin air. ” Please don’t die on the road o. This one you’re driving madly and angrily. Your life is precious o”.

Sure enough, some people’s attention were drawn to the free drama they just watched displayed in front of them by Mr. Russia, his white idol looking car and Copa Excel.

Copa Excel shrugged her shoulders and walked back to her friends to continue the gist they were having before Mr. Russia interrupted her.

That evening, Copa Excel got a text message from Mr. Russia. The contents were badly written and poorly spelt. The message said “I don’t blame you. I blame myself. Look at how you made me a big fool in front of everybody. Do you think I like you? I blames myself. It is nor your faultz. I am veri anger with you right now.”

Copa Excel read that message over and over trying to understand if that text was written in a haste of anger. She asked herself “I thought this guy said he schooled in Russia?”

She quickly deleted the text message from her phone and continued cooking her dinner of Okra soup and Fufu.

Till Copa Excel left Nsukka,she saw Mr. Russia few times and they barely spoke to each other.

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