Author: Francesca Capaldi

Title: Heartbreak in the Valleys

Genre: Historical Fiction/Women’s Fiction

Publication date: 10 June, 2020

Publisher: Hera Books

Book Blurb

The world was crumbling, but her love stayed strong

November 1915. For young housemaid, Anwen Rhys, life is hard in the Welsh mining village of
Dorcalon, deep in the Rhymney Valley. She cares for her ill mother and beloved younger sister Sara, all while shielding them from her father’s drunken, violent temper. Anwen comforts herself with her love for childhood sweetheart, Idris Hughes, away fighting in the Great War.

Yet when Idris returns, he is a changed man; no longer the innocent boy she loved, he is harder, more distant, quickly breaking off their engagement. And when tragedy once again strikes her family, Anwen’s heart is completely broken.

But when an explosion at the pit brings unimaginable heartache to Dorcalon, Anwen and Idris put their feelings aside to unite their mining community.

In the midst of despair, can Anwen find hope again? And will she ever find the happiness she deserves?

A beautiful, emotional and heart-breaking saga set in the Welsh Valleys of the Great War
that fans of Nadine Dorries, Rosie Goodwin and Sheila Newbury will love.

My Review

Heartbreak in the Valleys by Francesca Calpadi is a book worthy of a 5 star rating by me.

I love reading historical romance books. I was so excited to get a copy of this book.

The themes of war,poverty, love,struggle,community support,crime etc were properly explored in this novel.

One thing I always do whenever I read Historical novels is that,I always thank God for the present time. The people in this novel struggled through war. Their feedings were rationed. They had to work hard to bring in some money for their families while hoping for the best. The deadly disease called “Consumption” ravaging the village Anwen lives in and taking away sick people. How sad those times were. I am thankful for this present age.

This is a page turner. Anwen despite her young age is portrayed as a girl who is mature in handling issues.

The book cover is beautiful too.

I got emotional at some scenes. I got teary too. This is a good book that commands your attention and emotions. It is full of action and suspense.

I love Elizabeth Meredith. Despite her high class upbringing, she still had humility towards the other classes. I love the Meredith’s family including Tom. No matter how terribly spoiled he was,he was one of the characters I was looking forward to while reading the book.

Madog,Anwen’s father is such a bully. I felt sorry for his household and people around him. I won’t blame Enid, his wife for acting the way she did in this book.

I enjoyed this book so much. I am thankful for the hopeful ending. War is terrible but you need to make life bearable for yourself.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hera Books through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely mine.

About the Author

Francesca Capaldi

About Francesca Burgess
Several years ago, Francesca Capaldi pursued a childhood dream and joined a creative writing class. Lots of published short stories, a serial, and three pocket novels later, she’s now explored her mother’s ancestral history for a novel set in a Welsh colliery village. A history graduate and former teacher, she hails from the Sussex coast but now lives in Kent with her family and a cat called Lando Calrissian.

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Author: Vanessa Carnevale

Title: My Life For Yours

Genre: Literary Fiction/ Women’s Fiction

Publication date: 07 August,2020

Publisher: Bookouture

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Book Blurb

No parent should ever have to lose a child.

No husband should ever have to lose a wife.

No one should ever have to choose.

Paige and Nick are happy. They have a beautiful home, a loving family and, most importantly, they would do anything for each other. Now, they are having a baby and it feels like all their dreams are coming true.

But joy turns to despair when they discover that Paige has a rare, life-threatening heart condition and they lose their longed-for child. Heartbroken, the couple must accept the reality that they may not become parents after all.

Just as they begin to come to terms with their loss, Paige unexpectedly falls pregnant again. Paige’s heart is still weak, and to carry the baby to term puts them both at risk. The couple now face an impossible decision: Paige’s life or the life of their unborn child?

If Paige keeps the baby, she could lose her life and destroy the man she loves. If Nick tries to stop her, he may lose them both forever. It’s the most important decision they have ever had to make – and time is running out.

My Life for Yours is a heartbreaking, gripping and emotional story about love, loss and an impossible choice, perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult, Kelly Rimmer and Kate Hewitt.

My Review

My Life For Yours by Vanessa Carnevale is a book worthy of a 5 star rating from me.

The letter that opens up the book is so heart wrenching. It is a grieving mother writing to the baby she lost . I wanted to hug her through the pages.

This book is so emotional, you might shed tears while reading it.

You can’t seem to drop this book down. I got teary when Paige was excited over her pregnancy to Nick. I wanted to cheer for them and hug them.

This is a book that touches the heart. Grab a roll of tissues, you might cry but still enjoy the book.

I smiled and laughed while reading this book. I love Nick and Paige. This book is divided into chapters where Nick and Paige tells their stories from their points of view.

I finished this book in one sitting and I love the final pages. A mother’s love is always great and a father’s support is the best.

Vanessa Carnevale  writes well.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bookouture through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About The Author

Vanessa Carnevale

Vanessa Carnevale is a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia, who has contributed to The Green Parent, The Huffington Post, Muse, and Italy magazine, among others. Her debut novel, The Florentine Bridge, was published by HQ in Australia earlier this year. She was a finalist in the Best New Author category for the AusRom Today Readers Choice Awards 2017. You can find her on


Author: Elizabeth Camden

Title: A Gilded Lady

Genre: Christian Historical Romance/ Christian Mystery & Suspense Romance

Publication date: 02 June,2020

Publisher: Bethany House


Book Blurb

Caroline Delacroix is at the pinnacle of Washington high society in her role as secretary to the first lady of the United States. But beneath the facade of her beauty, glamorous wardrobe, and dazzling personality, she’s hiding a terrible secret. If she cannot untangle a web of foreign espionage, her brother will face execution for treason. 

Nathaniel Trask is the newly appointed head of the president’s Secret Service team. He is immediately suspicious of Caroline despite his overwhelming attraction to her quick wit and undeniable charm. Desperate to keep the president protected, Nathaniel must battle to keep his focus fully on his job as the threat to the president rises. 

Amid the glamorous pageantry of Gilded Age Washington, DC, Caroline and Nathaniel will face adventure, danger, and heartbreak in a race against time that will span the continent and the depth of human emotion.

My Review

A Gilded Lady by Elizabeth Camden is the first book I am reading ,written by the author. She is a new to me author and I am so proud to know her through this book.

Chapter one drew me in and I promised myself to read through the end. I am glad I was patient enough to enjoy this good story.

I was impressed by Caroline. What an honour to work by the side of the First Lady of USA in the novel. I love their banter. It is worth admiring although Mrs Ida can be so annoying but Caroline has the strength and grace to handle the situations.

I went on a trip to the US White House through this book pages. I enjoyed my experience. Elizabeth Camden writes well.

I love Nathaniel. He seems so cut out for his job. So much toughness but there is a heart underneath the tough exterior.
His budding romance with Caroline looks healthy to me.

Wow! I felt lots of emotions while reading this book. You can relate to it on a human level.

I admire Caroline’s love and support for her twin brother, Luke who was imprisoned in far away Cuba. The saying “blood is thicker than water” is true in this case.

This book is action packed and full of suspense. I love some characters in the plot. Themes of love,forgiveness, family and God were well navigated here.

I love Caroline’s words to Nathaniel when he was depressed over a situation in the book. She said” You are unconditionally loved. Unconditionally forgiven. You are a child of God, deserving of more credit than you’re giving yourself “.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About The Author

Elizabeth Camden is best known for her historical novels set in Gilded Age America. Before she was a writer, she was an academic librarian. Her novels have won the RITA and Christy Award and have appeared on the CBA bestsellers list. She lives in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, who graciously tolerates her intimidating stockpile of books. Learn more at


Author: Patricia Johns

Title: Jeb’s Wife

Genre: Christian Fiction/ Amish Romance

Publisher: Kensington Books,Zebra

Publication date: 25th August,2020


Book Blurb

Patricia Johns’ sensitive storytelling brings depth and heart to this tender story of second chances, as an Amish woman embarks on marriage with the gruff farmer next door . . .

Once, Leah Riehl prayed for a husband. The man she loved chose another, wanting the children that Leah can’t provide. But she’s found a measure of peace, keeping house for her brother, Simon, and teaching in a nearby town. Now though, Simon’s debts to an Englisher gambling ring have left Leah with a desperate dilemma–and a surprising offer from her scarred, reclusive neighbor. Jebadiah King needs to marry in order to claim his family farm. A union, for appearances only, will help them both.

Jeb knows his scars make him a less than ideal husband, but he can be a useful one. It’s the least that Leah deserves. But despite the promises he made to himself, Jeb can’t help longing for his lovely, warmhearted new wife. His first marriage brought heartbreak, but Leah’s gentle smiles spark hope again. Are they willing to take the leap that love requires–and open themselves to all the challenges and joy a true marriage could bring?

My Review

Jeb’s Wife by Patricia Johns is a beautiful book that deserves a 5 star rating by me.

First of all, I love the book cover. I used the woman on the cover to imagine along with the author. I love reading Amish books. It is a new and interesting genre to me.

Themes of love,support,family,good food that makes me hungry are well navigated here.

Goodness gracious!,you need to meet a character called Jeb. I could empathise and sympathise with him at the same time.

My heart went out to Leah who has to deal with her gambling addict of a brother. I wanted to yell at Simon to quit gambling and be useful.

This book raised lots of emotions in me. I am glad I could connect to the book in a realistic human level.

I love the happy ending. There is beauty in ashes I must say!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington Books through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About the author

Patricia Johns is also the author of The Bishop’s Daughter and Thursday’s Bride, as well as fifteen books published by multiple Harlequin series lines. You can learn more about her at


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Author: Jen Turano

Title: Storing Up Trouble ( American Heiresses 3).

Genre: Christian Fiction/ Historical Romance

Publication date: 05 May,2020

Publisher: Bethany House

Book Blurb

When Miss Beatrix Waterbury’s Chicago-bound train ride is interrupted by a heist, Mr. Norman Nesbit, a man of science who believes his research was the target of the heist, comes to her aid. Despite the fact that they immediately butt heads, they join forces to make a quick escape. 

Upon her arrival in Chicago, Beatrix is surprised to discover her supposedly querulous Aunt Gladys shares her own suffragette passions. Encouraged by Gladys to leave her sheltered world, Beatrix begins working as a salesclerk at the Marshall Field and Company department store. When she again encounters Norman on a shopping expedition, he is quickly swept up in the havoc she always seems to attract. 

But when another attempt is made to part Norman from his research papers, and it becomes clear Beatrix’s safety is also at risk, they soon discover the curious way feelings can grow between two very different people in the midst of chaos.

My Review

Storing up Trouble by Jen Turano is an interesting book. It is book three of The American Heiresses series but this can be read as a stand alone even though, I haven’t read the first two books.

The opening pages promised  me of an interesting adventure between the pages.

I love Beatrix Waterbury. She is so lively and funny. I love her spunk and guts!
She is one of the great American Heiresses. My oh my! I love her spunk and bluntness. I can’t stop repeating it.

There is enough humour to enjoy in this novel. I highly recommend this book. Even the book cover is alluring.

I couldn’t stop laughing at Beatrix and Norman ceaseless banters. You will understand the story behind the book Storing Up Trouble.

I love the bible verse Aunt Gladys gave Beatrix. That’s my favourite bible verse given to me by my mother. I could understand the meaning perfectly in this book.

I have read Jen Turano’s books but I laughed and  smiled so well while reading this particular book although I must warn you,Norman is too knowledgeable. You need to bear with him.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About the author

Jen Turano

Jen Turano, a USA Today bestselling author, has written four historical romance series. She is a member of ACFW and RWA and lives in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Visit her website at


Author: Beth Wiseman

Title: A Beautiful Arrangement

Genre: Christian Fiction/ Amish Fiction

Publication date: 07 April, 2020

Publisher: Zondervan

Book Blurb

Can Lydia and Samuel find love in their marriage of convenience?

Lydia still can’t believe that she is Mrs. Samuel Bontrager. Or that she is seventeen with a six-month-old daughter. As Baby Mattie grows fussier by the day, Lydia wonders how she will survive a lifetime of marriage to a man she doesn’t love—at least not in the way she wants.

Samuel knows that he and Lydia did the right thing by marrying when Lydia became pregnant. He has even grown to love Lydia, though he never seems able to say the words out loud. What if she doesn’t love him back? After all, she pushes him away whenever he tries to draw closer.

When Lydia and Samuel introduce their mutual friends Beverly and Joseph to each other, they are as envious as they are delighted to watch their friends fall in love. But just as Samuel thinks Lydia might be softening to him, she gets involved in investigating the mysterious past of a local homeless woman—a curiosity that threatens to drive the couple further apart.

The third and final novel in the Amish Journeys series by bestselling author Beth Wiseman explores how wounds from the past must come to light before they can hope to heal.

My Review

A Beautiful Arrangement By Beth Wiseman is a beautifully well written Amish tale full of suspense.

I could understand Lydia’s attitude in her marriage but I am thankful for Joseph and Beverly presence in her life.

I love the delicacies described in this book. I really wanted to taste the garlic bread Lydia made for her husband. They eat so much good food!

I was amused at Joseph and Beverly plan to have 10 kids. Like 10 kids? How amusing!

Some scenes were emotional. My heart cried literally.
The author sure knows how to write well. This is an emotional but attention grabbing book with an Amish setting.

I read this book on a rainy day with a cold wind in the environment and this book ,my sweater and blanket kept me company. You can imagine  how cool it was?

Theme of forgiveness,kindness and compassion  were  buttressed well in the plot.

This is a beautiful book that will leave you in tears and gratitude to God.

I finally understood why the book is titled “A Beautiful Arrangement“.

I am thankful for this book. Everything works beautiful in God’s time.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About the author

Beth Wiseman

Beth Wiseman is the best-selling author of the Daughters of the Promise series and the Land of Canaan series. Having sold over two million books, her novels have held spots on the Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller List, the ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association) Bestseller List and the CBA (Christian Book Association) Bestseller List. She was the recipient of the prestigious Carol Award in 2011 and 2013. She is a three-time winner of the Inspirational Readers Choice Award, and an INSPY Award winner. In 2013 she took home the coveted Holt Medallion. Her first book in the Land of Canaan series—Seek Me With All Your Heart—was selected as the 2011 Women of Faith Book of the Year. Beth and her husband are empty nesters enjoying country life in Texas.



Author: Amy Clipston

Title: The Farm Stand

Genre: Christian Fiction/ Amish Fiction Romance

Publisher: Zondervan

Publication date: 05 May,2020

Book Blurb

Experience some sweet, garden-fresh romance in the next installment of Amy Clipston’s Amish Marketplace series.

Salina Petersheim runs her own booth at the Amish market, where she’s known for having the freshest and most delicious produce in the area. Her father is the bishop of her church district, and her brother is a deacon. They are a very close family, yet sometimes she tires of being compared to her older brother, Neil, who is married and has two children. She also feels the pressure of having to be the perfect daughter for her parents.

Salina has been dating Josiah for almost a year now, but he feels more like a friend than a boyfriend. Her parents approve of Josiah, who is a hardworking roofer. He’s handsome and easy to talk to, but he just doesn’t warm her heart the way she feels a boyfriend and future husband should. She secretly longs for more.

Along comes William “Will” Zimmerman, a Mennonite chef who runs a restaurant located next door to the Amish market. He wants Salina to supply the produce for his restaurant, and as they forge a business relationship, they both feel themselves falling in love. Salina especially tries to deny her feelings for Will since her father wants her to marry within the community.

Both Salina and Will feel stuck in their current relationships, but they cannot deny what they feel for each other. Will they follow their hearts or bow to the pressure of family? Or will God provide a surprising new road for them?

My review

The Farm Stand by Amy Clipston is a wonderful book that deserves a 5 star rating by me. This is the first book of hers I am reading and I am happy to add her to my list of favourite authors.

I am so happy to be reading another Amish book. I am excited to say I have found a new genre for myself. It is the Amish fiction genre.

The first few pages warmed me up. I can’t help admiring the strong family ties and the food. I wanted to open my own booth right there in the Farm Stand with Salina and Christiana.

I was impressed by Salina’s business ways. She was so precise,thorough,neat,organised and friendly.
I could understand why Will was always coming to her booth for his  restaurant food supply.

I love the book cover. It helped me in imagining Salina in her farm stand. That’s  a beautiful cover.

There is an animal in this book,a cat called Daisy. She is the market cat and loved by Salina and her cousins. I love how worried they were over not seeing Daisy for a week. I am happy to see characters that has sympathy and love for animals.

While enjoying this book,I was envious of Salina’s garden. The way the author described it,I wanted to buy a land and plant home grown corps!

Oh! You really need to meet a character called Sara Ann in this book. I laughed at her conversations and her nosiness in other people’s business. She seems kind but nosy at the same time.

I enjoyed the happy ending! God surely wants his children to be happy and he granted Salina and Will their heart desires.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About the author

Amy Clipston

Amy Clipston is the award-winning and bestselling author of the Kauffman Amish Bakery, Hearts of Lancaster Grand Hotel, Amish Heirloom, Amish Homestead, and Amish Marketplace series. Her novels have hit multiple bestseller lists including CBD, CBA, and ECPA. Amy holds a degree in communication from Virginia Wesleyan University and works full-time for the City of Charlotte, NC. Amy lives in North Carolina with her husband, two sons, and four spoiled rotten cats. Visit her online at; Facebook: AmyClipstonBooks; Twitter: @AmyClipston; Instagram: @amy_clipston.