Author: Chrissie Walsh

Title: The Collier’s Wife

Genre: Historical Fiction, Saga

Publication date: 03 September, 2020

Publisher: Aria & Aries

Purchase link: Amazon

Book Description

Leeds, 1918. When Amy visits her husband Hugh at Beckett’s Park Hospital, he doesn’t recognise her. Broken after serving four devastating years in the First World War, Hugh is a shadow of the man he once was. Can he ever again be the man Amy knew and loved?

Barnsborough, 1912. The first time Hugh and Amy meet, the connection between them is instant and electric. While a librarian’s assistant and a collier might not be the most conventional pair, the two come together over a love of books that quickly turns into more. Neither suspects their families have secrets that threaten to tear them apart…

True love’s path is rarely simple… but can Hugh and Amy find their way back to each other?

My Review

I enjoyed this book. Firstly, the book cover attracted me. The title spiked my curiosity and the plot too.

I love Amy. What a strong character she is.

I love how the author made use of flashbacks to take us on the full journey of the characters in this book.
It is quite emotional, I must say.

This book is so interesting. I was immersed in each page.

Amy and Jude really came a long way and I was pleased to see their determination despite how life treated them.

I am rating this book 5 perfect stars.

The author did a very great job here.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the author

Born and raised in West Yorkshire, Chrissie trained to be a singer and cellist before becoming a teacher. When she married her trawler skipper husband, they moved to a little fishing village in N. Ireland. Chrissie is passionate about history and that passion and knowledge shine through in her writing.



Author: Rosie Clarke

Title: A Reunion at Mulberry Lane

Genre: General Fiction (Adult) / Hi

Publication date: 27th August, 2020

Publisher: Boldwood Books

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Book Description

A Reunion at Mulberry Lane
A brand NEW festive read from Rosie Clarkes’ bestselling Mulberry Lane series.
1949 Peggy and Able Ronoscki’s seaside cafe in Devon is thriving and their twins Fay and Freddie are growing up fast. To pursue her daughter’s destiny, Fay must train in London and Peggy is faced with a dilemma of moving the family back to London once more. Meanwhile, Peggy’s elder daughter Janet has her own troubles. She fears her husband is having an affair and Is desperately unhappy. Peggy is torn two ways and can only hope that a reunion with her friends at Christmas can help resolve her problems.

My Review

A Reunion at Mulberry lane by Rosie Clarke is a book whose blurb got my attention.

Rosie Clarke writes an engaging novel where so many lives are brought out in the book.

I have read lots of books by Rosie Clarke so I was very excited to try this particular book because the author takes you on a journey and you can’t help falling deeper in love with historical sagas.

Welcome to Mulberry Lane. Themes of friendship, family and moral support among  others were navigated here.

There are lots of characters I had a hard time putting them into place. I discovered while browsing online that this book is continuation of a series. That probably explains why I had difficulty figuring out the characters.

I love Peggy and her friendship with Maureen. I love how both took their motherhood seriously while working for a living.

The book cover is beautiful, I must admit.

All those food mentioned in this book made me hungry. I was craving for an apple pie with iced bun. I would love to try that.

Mulberry Lane seems like a cozy place full of communal love. Everybody is so thoughtful.

Some quotes I love from this novel are; “…I think there must have been something in the air this Christmas…”

“A little bit of Christmas magic

I love the Christmas season in a year. I used to think extra miracles happens at Christmas.

I am rating it 4 stars. Rosie Clarke did a good job taking me on an adventure to Mulberry Lane.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

Author Bio

Rosie Clarke is a #1 bestselling saga writer whose most recent books include The Mulberry Lane series.  She has written over 100 novels under different pseudonyms and is a RNA Award winner.  She lives in Cambridgeshire.

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Author: Ann Marie Bryan

Title: Dream Again (McIntosh brothers, Book 1)

Genre: Christian Fiction Romance

Publication date: August 20, 2020

Publisher: Victorious By Design

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Book Blurb

One random day. One burst of laughter. One perfect moment. That’s all it takes for Gianna Barrett to capture Carter McIntosh’s attention—and his heart. His whole life has been a series of miracles, so this falls right in line. If only it were that simple. The object of his desire refuses to give him the time of day. Not deterred, Carter is sure he’s ready to put his heart on the line for love. Big mistake. He isn’t quite prepared and finds himself wrestling a soul-deep hurt into submission.

“There has been an accident….” 

That devastating revelation shattered Gianna’s life, and in that one chaotic moment, everything she had was taken away. She has spent years carefully crafting her new normal, so there is no way Carter can just insert himself into her life. The fight is on but not for long. Their attraction is instant, and before she knows it, all her cynicism goes out the door. 

When Gianna learns more about Carter’s life, she gets a better understanding of her beginning. As she starts her journey to healing, she uncovers Carter’s startling secret. In the days that follow, she struggles with feelings of regret, fueling her natural tendency to retreat. But the flames of desire burn hot and it’s not easy to break their unexpected connection. As the past reaches for them, they soon realize that to move forward, they must look back. Will they allow God to be the anchor they so desperately need—before it’s too late? For all they ever wanted was to be loved.

My Review

Gia, you’re powerful. You’re special. You’re amazing. The Bible says, there is no fear in love for perfect love casts out fear…” This quote just made me smile. The verse used here is one of my favourite bible verses.

In this book, you’re going to meet Gianna and other awesome characters. I love the italicised words that shows her thoughts mentally. They made me laugh.

This book is perfect for a movie. I fell in love with Carter, how can a fictional character be descriptively handsome like that?

This book is fantastic! I need people like Carter’s friends in my life. Imagine having friends who prays for you during low times? I love the themes in this book. The prayers in this book made me alert. I love the sentence ” I hear the chains falling“. Instantly, I felt the urge to pray. This book will ignite your prayer life.

A very fantastic, amazing, perfect and all the good adjectives I need to describe this book. This Christian fiction novel carries fire. The romance is so sweet. The Christian themes are so nice anybody can read it without getting offended.

It is about you dreaming again and taking your rightful position on earth”. I mentally did a “woo-hoo” at this quote.

This book deserves 10 stars rating if I could. Ann Marie Bryan writes well.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

About the author

Ann Marie Bryan is a multi-talented leader with a passion for excellence. She is the CEO & Founder of Victorious By Design, an organization committed to providing top quality professional writing services, comprehensive personal and professional development programs and exceptional performing arts services to meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations. A Christian Fiction author, Ann Marie writes to educate, inspire and empower others. She desires to tell great stories with fascinating characters to show the awesome power of God in the lives of people and places. Her celebrated bestselling Encounters of the Heart series, blend faith and romance that test the resilience of love. Ann Marie’s greatest passion is to empower others to succeed by tapping into their God-given potential. She enjoys writing, reading, dancing, teaching, meeting people and traveling. With all the knowledge and experiences that God has so graciously blessed her with, Ann Marie is determined to make her life a ministry for the Lord. Visit Ann Marie at


About the Book

Book: A Dream for Harper

Author: Teresa Slack

Genre:Christian Historical Western Fiction

Release Date: June 2

With no prospects for a better life at home in Kentucky, Harper Dixon’s
mother sends her to Willow Wood, Idaho to become a companion to her
cousin Ellie Lundy. Ellie was jilted by a man who everyone believes was
only interested in her for her money. Harper doesn’t know how she can
help Ellie without having been in love herself, and with no prospects.

Harper believes the only way to help Ellie recover from her melancholy
is to find out what happened to Matthew Dunleavy, the man who broke her
heart. She enlists the help of Logan Kinski, the family’s hired man who
knew more about Matthew and his secrets than anyone.

Logan doesn’t trust the cousin from Kentucky. He believes Harper is here
to take advantage of Ellie and worm her way into the family’s immense
fortune. Harper doesn’t have time or patience to deal with a hard-headed
man who keeps getting between her and the truth.

Danger and suspicions mount as Harper and Logan uncover secrets about
Matthew Dunleavy and his dangerous past. Did he leave town on his own,
or did someone from his past with a score to settle catch up to him?

Can Harper and Logan put their mutual distrust aside in order to protect
Ellie? Will their suspicions prevent their growing attraction from
blossoming into love before the search for the truth destroys them?

Click here to get your copy!

My Review

Your dreams are higher than these hills. You gotta fly,little bird”. These were the words of Harper’s mother to Harper.
That conversation prepared me for an adventure into the book settings/plot.

Harper is a strong character that I learnt many things from. I love how she prays over any situation on ground. I admire her determination and inquisitiveness.

Logan,dear Logan. You need to watch out for him while reading this book.

Ellie is another character in this book. Her story made me realise what grief and love can do to a person. I could empathise with her.

This book was full of suspense and it is a page turner. I really wanted to get to the end of the matter. I followed the adventure right from when Harper came into Willow Wood.

The Christian messages in this book got my attention. I highly recommend this book. Forgiveness and love are themes that drew my attention here.

The suspense in this book made me to flip each page because I couldn’t put the book down.

I read it within few hours in a day. I am giving it a 5 stars rating. The author did a good job with this book.

I end this review with a question. Do you have a dream?

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the Author

Teresa Slack loves reading, writing, and falling in love. Creating clean
and wholesome western romances where fearless cowboys still sweep
independent heroines off their feet was an easy choice for her.

Her first book, Streams of Mercy, won the Bay Area Independent
Publishers Association Award for Best First Fiction. The Willow Wood
Brides Series is her first series of western historicals, and her third
series of Christian fiction novels. She also has two stand-alone
contemporary romances and a contemporary suspense, Joy Redefined.

She writes from her home in the beautiful southern Ohio hills, which she
shares with her husband and rescue dog and rescue cat. Any errors and
typos she blames on the cat randomly running across her keyboard.

Learn more about Teresa Slack and her books by visiting her website at Readers who sign up for her newsletter will receive
a free download of A Promise for Josie: A Willow Wood Prequel.

More from Teresa Slack

When people say nothing ever happens in a small town, they’re just not paying attention. I’ve always been intrigued by the real stories behind small town scandals and gossip. That’s why I write the stories I write and create the towns I create.

A Dream for Harper is based on a short story I started about twenty years ago. I never finished it and pretty much forgot it. When I started researching the Old West for the Willow Wood Brides Series and devouring Louis L’Amour and Elmore Leonard stories as research, I remembered that unfinished short story.

I knew it would make a great addition to the series. In the story, Harper leaves the loving arms of her large family in Kentucky to travel to Willow Wood, Idaho to help a cousin she never met. She is thrust into a world completely foreign to her, but she’s determined to help Ellie overcome her crippling depression. I think most of us can relate to Harper’s story. Feeling like a fish out of water and unqualified to fix the mess we’re handed. A little mystery, a lot of romance, and some unexpected twists and turns show Harper that God hasn’t put more on her plate than she can eat. Just like us.

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Author: Sarah Monzon

Title: Molly

Publication date: July 2, 2020

Genre: General Fiction

Purchase links: Goodreads Amazon Bookbub

Book Description

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I absolutely refuse to tell a lie no matter the consequences. So don’t ask me a direct question unless you’re prepared for a direct answer—that’s something my SoCal sewing girlfriends have learned the hard way.
But who would have thought my honesty policy would get me fired from my job at the preschool? Or that a desperate—and not to mention devastatingly handsome—single father of one of my (now-former) students would hire me that same day as a nanny for his daughter?
I’m an education professional. How hard can taking care of a four-year-old and her over-stressed, over-worked father be?

My Review

This book is just incredible! First, it was the book cover and then the characters in the book.

I laughed and thoroughly enjoyed every page.

I love Molly and Doctor Ben. You can’t help expanding your heart to love Chloe and Molly’s friends.

This is the first book by the author I have read and I can’t wait to read more!

I learnt a lot from Dr. Ben about medicine. His adverse reaction to bacteria and infections amused me. I love how careful and hygienic he is.

This is a book that pulls you deeper into its pages.
Such a good book you will love. I highly recommend this book to those searching for a light, fun- filled novel.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the author

A Carol award finalist and Selah award winner, Sarah Monzon is a stay-at-home mom who makes up imaginary friends to have adult conversations with (otherwise known as writing novels). As a navy chaplain’s wife, she resides wherever the military happens to station her family and enjoys exploring the beauty of the world around her.


Author: Melissa Ferguson

Title: The Cul – de – Sac War

Genre: Christian Fiction Romance

Publication date: 10 Nov, 2020

Publisher: Thomas Nelson- Fiction

Book Blurb

All’s fair in love and prank wars.

Bree Leake doesn’t want to be tied down. She’s had more jobs than she can count, and she plans to move as soon as the curtains fall on her less-than-minor role at The Barter—the oldest live performance theater in the US. But just when it’s time to move on again, Bree’s parents make her an offer: hold steady for one full year, and they will give her the one thing she’s always wanted—her grandmother’s house. Her dreams are coming true . . . until life at the theater throws her some curve balls.

And then there’s Chip McBride—her next-door neighbor.

Chip just might be the only person who can match Bree’s stubborn streak. She would move heaven and earth to have him off her cul-de-sac and out of her life, but according to the bargain she’s struck, she can’t move out of her house and away from the man who’s making her life miserable. So begins Bree’s obsessive new mission: to drive Chip out of the neighborhood—and fast.

Bree isn’t the only one who’s a tad competitive, and Chip is more than willing to fight fire with fire. But as their pranks escalate, the line between love and hate starts to blur—and their heated rivalry threatens to take a hilarious, heartwarming, and romantic new turn.

My Review

The CUL- DE- SAC WAR by Melissa Ferguson.

I belong to lots of book groups on Facebook and I do follow bookstagrammers on Instagram. I have seen photos of this book so much that I was overly delighted to get a copy from the publisher through NetGalley. I am so glad!

The first two pages drew me in. I was mentally prepared for the journey I will delve into the book pages.

Melissa Ferguson writes well considering the fact that this is the first book of hers that I am reading and I am so PLEASED!

This is such a sweet book full of fun and humour.

I love Chip and Bree.

You can’t help following their story. If you want to enjoy stories about neighbors in the same neighborhood, I highly recommend this book.

I am rating it 5 stars.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Fiction through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the Author

Melissa Ferguson lives in Bristol, Tennessee, where she enjoys chasing her children and writing romantic comedies full of humor and heart. Her favorite hobby is taking friends and acquaintances and turning them into characters in her books without their knowledge. She is confident you should read all her novels, starting with this one. Connect with her (and prepare for the possibility of becoming her next character) at Instagram: @melissafergusonwrites; TikTok: @melissafergusonlife; Website:; Facebook: MelissaLeighFerguson.


Author: Sheila Riley

Title: The Mersey Girls

Genre: General Fiction (Adult)/ Historical Fiction

Publication date: 18th August, 2020

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Purchase Link –

Book Blurb

The Mersey Girls

Liverpool 1950
When Evie Kilgaren takes over the running of the back office at Skinner and Son’s haulage yard, she has no idea she is walking into a hive of blackmail, secrets and lies. Her fellow co-worker and childhood nemesis, Susie Blackthorn, is outraged at being demoted and is hell-bent on securing the affections of local heartthrob Danny Harris. Grace Harris, a singer on the prestigious D’Angelo transatlantic ocean liners, is returning home engaged to be married. But Grace is harbouring her own shocking secrets and something valuable her fiancé very desperately wants back. As we return to the lives and loves of those who live and work in the Mersey Docklands, not everything is as it seems and love and luck are rarely on the same side.

My Review

The Mersey Girls by Sheila Riley is a perfectly written story which I read in a day. I couldn’t wait to go back to the story during my breaks around the house.

I am a huge fan of historical fiction novels. I was more pleased when my request to read this book was granted thanks to Rachel Random Resources blog tours.

Sheila Riley is a new to me author. Her style of writing is clear and easy to understand.

I admire the book cover. So alluring! The book is clean to my standards. I highly recommend it to historical fiction fans.

There are three girls who are my favourites in this story. Two of them taking centre place in the plot and the other one a secondary but important character.

There are lots of characters in this book and the community where they live is such a tight knitted and close area. I like such warmth regardless of the occupants.

Grace,Evie and Susie. I admired Evie more. I could empathize with Grace but Susie? As much as I dislike her,I can’t help feeling good that she was put into the plot to give it the desired twist a good story ought to have.

I was surprised to discover that unmarried pregnant girls were considered scandalous beings during the era the book was set in. I could imagine the lengths and breadths those girls took just to survive without the stigma of pregnancy before wedlock.

One thing evident  in life and in this book is that,the truth always set things right. It is easier to live in truth and honesty without fear of the consequences.

I really enjoyed this book. I love the happy ending. I am rating it 5 stars! I can’t wait to read more books by this author.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

Author’s Bio

Sheila Riley wrote four #1 bestselling novels under the pseudonym Annie Groves and is now writing the Reckoner’s Row series under her own name. She has set it around the River Mersey and its docklands near to where she spent her early years. She still lives in Liverpool.

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Author: Rachel Fordham

Title: A Life Once Dreamed

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Publication date: 04 August, 2020

Publisher: Revell

Buy book at Amazon and wherever books are sold online

Book Description

Six years ago, a shocking secret sent Agnes Pratt running in search of a new start. She found it in Penance, a rugged town of miners and lumberjacks in the Dakota Territory, where she became Miss Aggie, respected schoolteacher and confirmed old maid. But the past has a way of catching up with people. 

When childhood friend and former sweetheart James Harris accepts a position as the town doctor, Aggie’s pleasantly predictable days suddenly become anything but. James wants to know why Agnes left behind the life they had dreamed of creating for themselves–but he is the one person who can never know. 

In the shadows of the Black Hills, can a healing light be shed on the past? Or will the secret Agnes can’t seem to outrun destroy her chance at happiness? 

Fan-favorite Rachel Fordham brings to life the dusty streets of an 1880s frontier town in this story that affirms where you come from matters far less than where you’re going.

My Review

A Life Once Dreamed. I have been seeing this book on Facebook book groups and Instagram. I wished with all my heart that I could get a copy and when the opportunity came through Revell Reads Blogger Program, it was an answer to my prayer. Thanks, Revell.

I suppose we’re all beautiful in our own way”.
” Sometimes the hardest things are the very best things”. I love these quotes.

Sweet Agnes. Her personality wrapped me into the book. She always have the proper words to say to her school children.  I am a trained teacher and I must confess, I learnt a lot from Agnes’s teaching methods. That’s the beauty of reading books, you get to learn new things.

I noticed some chapters had time of the year opening it. It felt cool stepping into history even if it is fictional.

I like the little town, Penance.

James,  dear James.  I already liked him before I met him at a certain chapter in the plot.

This is the first book by Rachel  Fordham I am reading and I love her writing style.

I like the character ” Sam“. His story touched my heart.

The people of Penance are such a tight knitted community I wanted to feel like a member.

There are lots of themes to glean from in this novel.

Rachel Fordham writes amazingly well.

This is a sweet book that got me emotional. I am giving it 5 stars.

I received a complimentary Copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the Author

Rachel Fordham is the author of The Hope of Azure Springs and Yours TrulyThomas. She started writing when her children began begging her for stories at night. She’d pull a book from the shelf, but they’d insist she make one up. Finally, she paired her love of good stories with her love of writing and hasn’t stopped since. She lives with her husband and children on an island in the state of Washington.


Author: Denise Hunter

Title: Autumn Skies by Denise Hunter

Genre: Christian Fiction Romance

Publication date: 10th October, 2020

Publisher: Thomas Nelson- Fiction

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Book Description

From the bestselling author of The Convenient Groom and A December Bride (now beloved Hallmark Original movies) comes the third and final novel in the Bluebell Inn series!

When a mysterious man turns up at Grace’s family-run inn, it’s instant attraction. But she’s already got a lot on her plate: running the Bluebell Inn, getting Blue Ridge Outfitters off the ground, and coping with a childhood event she’d thought was long past.

A gunshot wound has resurrected the past for secret service agent Wyatt Jennings, and a mandatory leave of absence lands him in Bluebell, North Carolina. There he must try and come to grips with the crisis that altered his life forever.

Grace needs experience for her new outfitters business, so when Wyatt needs a mountain guide, she’s more than happy to step up to the plate. As their journey progresses, Grace soon has an elusive Wyatt opening up, and Wyatt is unwittingly drawn to Grace’s fresh outlook and sense of humor.

There’s no doubt the two have formed a special bond, but will Wyatt’s secrets bring Grace’s world crashing down? Or will those secrets end up healing them both?

My review

Autumn Skies by Denise Hunter.
This is the third book in the BlueBell Inn series.

I have been seeing this book title on Goodreads, Facebook and Instagram. I was so pleased to get a copy from the publisher, Thomas Nelson through NetGalley. Thank you so much!

Wyatt Jennings. I like the name and the personality given to this character.

I have seen mention of this author’s name everywhere online. I am so proud to read one of her many works.

I love Grace. Grace and Wyatt are the protagonists  in this plot. There are other secondary characters you can’t help liking.

Themes of peace, freedom from guilt, family, friendship and many more were explored in this book.

Guilt has a way of burdening the victim’s shoulders but when peace comes in, the person becomes so free. I learnt that in this book, Autumn Skies by Denise Hunter.

Although I haven’t read the Two books in the series, I felt comfortable reading Autumn Skies although I will recommend you read the first two books which are Lake Season and Carolina Breeze to follow some of the characters that were mentioned in Autumn Skies.

I received a complimentary Copy of this book from Thomas Nelson publishers through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

I am giving it 4 stars.

About the Author

Denise Hunter is the internationally published bestselling author of more than 25 books, including A December Bride and The Convenient Groom, which have been adapted into original Hallmark Channel movies. She has won The Holt Medallion Award, The Reader’s Choice Award, The Carol Award, The Foreword Book of the Year Award, and is a RITA finalist. When Denise isn’t orchestrating love lives on the written page, she enjoys traveling with her family, drinking green tea, and playing drums. Denise makes her home in Indiana where she and her husband are rapidly approaching an empty nest. To learn more about Denise, visit her website; Facebook: AuthorDeniseHunter; Twitter: @DeniseAHunter; Instagram: deniseahunter.


Author: Liz Johnson

Title: A Dazzle of Diamonds

Series: Georgia Coast Romance 3

Genre: Christian Fiction Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Revell

Publication date: 04 August, 2020

Purchase book online or anywhere books are sold. Amazon

Book Blurb

Penelope Hunter loves her job as the events manager at one of Savannah’s premier historic venues–until her ex-fiancé walks into her office with his new bride-to-be. To make matters worse, a scheming social matriarch is intent on seeing Penelope fired, especially if she insists on being seen with Tucker Westbrook. 

Since returning from serving two tours in the Middle East, Tucker has built a thriving security company. His work is nearly as stabilizing as his friendship with Penelope, who has been by his side since childhood. But when the lone candidate for county sheriff goads him, Tucker loses his cool and ends up on the ballot–and on the receiving end of a smear campaign claiming the Westbrooks were traitors to the South. 

To clear his name, Tucker and Penelope must join forces to find the truth behind a 150-year-old lost treasure. But the more time they spend together, the closer she comes to losing her job–and falling helplessly in love.

My Review

I lack the adjective to describe the book cover. It is alluring, enchanting and captivating.

The characters  in the book have a way of dragging you deeper into the book.

Penelope is my favourite character. I like her roles  and personality in this book.

You will also get to meet Tucker. He is a “snack”  in Emmaline’s words.

Ask God to show you his plans, it is better than any plan you could make”. Aunt Shirley’s words hit home.

Themes of love ,friendship and forgiveness were explored in this book.

Love is love because it is given freely“. This tugged my heartstrings.

This is a good book. I love the book title. I am giving it 4 stars rating.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the author

Liz Johnson is the author of more than a dozen novels, including A Sparkle of SilverA Glitter of GoldThe Red Door InnWhere Two Hearts Meet, and On Love’s Gentle Shore, as well as a New York Times bestselling novella and a handful of short stories. She works in marketing and makes her home in Phoenix, Arizona.