Genre: Historical Romance/Sagas

Series: The Village Secrets, Book 2

Publication Date: August 11, 2020

Publisher: Harper Collins

Book can be purchased online.

Book Description

It was her wedding day… the roses and bluebells were blooming and their sweet-scent was filling the air, so why did Daisy feel the cold fingers of fear run down her spine?
Spring in the village, April 1869
It’s spring in Little Creek and wedding bells are ringing. After their hasty marriage the Christmas before, Daisy is overjoyed to be finally marrying dashing Jay properly, in front of the whole village.
But then, on the evening of their wedding, amid the festivities, Jay disappears. Daisy doesn’t know if Jay is dead or alive, if she’s his wife or his widow. And what’s more, without her husband, she has no means of supporting herself or her household.
Refusing to give up hope, Daisy must draw on all her strength and courage – after all, she has people who depend on her. But the secret of Jay’s disappearance is more scandalous that she could have ever imagined…

Book Review

A Village Scandal by Dilly Court.

Dilly Court has been one of my favorite authors for all books historical fiction. Her heroines are brave women and this particular book was indeed Dilly’s style.

In this book, the book plot and themes synced together. The female protagonist, Daisy displayed so much wisdom and bravery for someone so young.

There are lots of characters to choose from. My favourite are Ivy, Jack, Marius, Judy and Mary. You cannot help loving them.

I highly recommend this book. The book cover is beautiful too.

I voluntarily reviewed this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

Author’s Bio

Dilly Court grew up in North East London and began her career in commercial television, writing scripts for commercials. She is married with two grown up children, and now lives in Dorset on the beautiful Jurassic Coast with her husband and large, yellow Labrador. 


Genre: General Fiction/ Historical Fiction

Publication Date: 6th January, 2022

Publisher: Headline Publisher

Book Blurb

She always knew a piece of her heart was missing…

Cecile has been raised to a life of privilege at Polruan House, by her widowed father and aunt. Now she’s of age, they are determined that she make a proper match, but Cecile’s heart belongs to their coachman, Sam – most definitely not suitable marriage material.

When Sam turns to his friend, smuggler Zach Carver, for help eloping with Cecile, Zach tells of a recent encounter with Lise, a beautiful but poor girl in St Ives, who is the mirror image of Cecile.

And so a daring plan is born to briefly swap the girls. But bringing Cecile and Lise together will uncover an astonishing family secret of a bold escape from a loveless marriage, a treacherous shipwreck and a sister thought lost to the sea long ago…

Book Review

The Smuggler’s Girl by Jennie Fenton

What a delightful and adventurous book.

The characters were attention grabbing and the flow of the plot was perfect.

I enjoyed the book as it is the first book by the author I am reading.

I am rating it five golden stars as the book worth them.

I love Cecile, Lise, Zach, Sam and the Moxey’s brothers. You cannot help falling in love with the characters.

The title and book cover perfectly fits the storyline.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

Author’s Bio

Jennie Felton grew up in Somerset and now lives in Bristol. She has written numerous short stories for magazines as well as a number of novels under a pseudonym. Her Families of Fairley Terrace Sagas series is about the lives and loves of the residents of a Somerset village in the late-nineteenth century, and started with All The Dark Secrets.

Visit Jennie on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @Jennie_Felton for all her latest news.


Genre: Historical Sagas

Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction

Publication Date: November 12, 2020

Book can be purchased online or at the local bookstores around you.

Book Blurb

A charming new saga by Sheila Newberry, author of The Nursemaid’s Secret and The Winter Baby, for fans of Call the Midwife.

Sunny grew up in the mother and baby home on Grove Lane, London. The daughter of a wartime nurse and a Polish pilot, she was abandoned by her mother shortly after her birth and taken in by Nan, the warm and gentle proprietor of the home in which she was born.

Never having known her parents, Sunny has always felt like she doesn’t quite fit in, but now at sixteen-years-old she is ready to find her place in the world. Heading out to start her first job, she finally feels she has some idea of who she wants to be.

As 1950s London is changing at a rapid pace, so is Sunny. And when someone from her past returns, Sunny has some tough decisions to make. Decisions that could affect the rest of her life . . .

Book Review

The Mother and Baby Home by Sheila Newberry.

Firstly, I must say that the author is new to me and I was fascinated with the beautiful book cover hence my decision to read the book.

The Mother and Baby Home is a good book in the sense that; the themes were easy to identify. The characters were numerous but each stood independent.

What I find disappointing in this book is the absence of suspense. I was not gripped by any action. The plot was just flowing and I wanted to give up but the character “Sunny” and her unique love life kept me glued to the end.

I am not going to give out spoilers. It might be a nice cup of tea to you if you read it.

I am rating it 4 stars because the author did a good job and I loved the characters.

I voluntarily reviewed this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the Author

Sheila Newberry was born in Suffolk and spent a lot of time there both before and during the war. Her family was certainly her inspiration and she was published most of her adult life. She spent 40 years living in Kent with her husband John on a smallholding, and had nine children and 22 grandchildren.


Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Publication date: 27th January, 2022

Book Blurb

Yorkshire Dales 1850
As a terrible storm rages, Annabelle Wallis is shocked to find a distressed young woman at her cottage door, heavy with child. Moments later a baby girl is born. But by dawn, the mother has vanished, leaving behind the helpless child wrapped only in a silk peacock shawl.

When news spreads that Lady Eliza Hartley, sister to wealthy estate owner, John Hartley, has been found dead, Annabelle realises the terrible secret she has stumbled on. Terrified she’ll be blamed for Eliza’s death, Annabelle flees to the filthy slums of York, where she plans to raise the precious orphan as her own.

The cobbled streets of York’s slums are no place for a young woman like Annabelle or a Hartley babe and John Hartley is determined to bring them both home. But Annabelle proves impossible to find.

Annabelle can’t hide forever from the wealthy Hartley family, but can she ever give up the baby she loves?

My Review

The Orphan in the Peacock Shawl.

What a delightful book by the author. I finished this book in two sittings and I am so glad to rate it five gold stars!

The heroine of the plot, Annabelle is such a delightful character whom readers can relate with on a realistic level.

John, Dickie, Nellie and Ginny made me to love them.

The title really suits the plot.

This author writes excellently well, I must confess. Her imagination was so vivid and realistic. I read the book with the plot playing like a movie in my head.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the Author

Award winning & Amazon UK Bestseller AnneMarie Brear has been a life-long reader and started writing in 1997 when her children were small. She has a love of history, of grand old English houses and a fascination of what might have happened beyond their walls. Her interests include reading, travelling, watching movies, spending time with family and eating chocolate – not always in that order! She is the author of historical family saga novels.


picture of hope

About the Book

Book: A Picture of Hope

Author: Liz Tolsma

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Release date: October, 2021

9781636090191 (1)

A Photojournalist Risks Her Life to Save Children

Full of intrigue, adventure, and romance, this new series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII.

Journalist Nellie Wilkerson has spent the bulk of the war in London, photographing pilots taking off and landing—and she’s bored. She jumps at the chance to go to France, where the Allied forces recently landed. She enlists Jean-Paul Breslau of the French underground to take her to the frontlines. On the journey, they come upon an orphanage where nuns shelter children with disabilities. Can they help save them before the Nazis come to liquidate it?

Click here to get your copy!

About the Author


Liz Tolsma is the author of several WWII novels, romantic suspense novels, prairie romance novellas, and an Amish romance. She is a popular speaker and an editor and resides next to a Wisconsin farm field with her husband and their youngest daughter. Her son is a US Marine, and her oldest daughter is a college student. Liz enjoys reading, walking, working in her large perennial garden, kayaking, and camping. Please visit her website at and follow her on Facebook, Twitter (@LizTolsma), Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. She is also the host of the Christian Historical Fiction Talk podcast.

More from Liz

Why Another WWII Novel Set in France

You may well read the back cover of my latest release, A Picture of Hope, and wonder why on earth we need another WWII novel set in France. After all, Kristy Cambron just had one. Melanie Dobson and Sarah Sundin will be coming out with theirs in 2022. So why did I feel the need to write my novel with the same setting?

First of all, I’m a Francophile. I love all things French. It started when I took French in high school. Everyone else was learning Spanish, but I wasn’t into being part of the crowd. There were only a few of us in the class, and it was great fun. We had a wonderful teacher. Being able to pull out some of that French, refine it a bit, and use it in the book was a blast. But I also love French food (who doesn’t?) and everything else.

Secondly, I hadn’t written about France before. When I wrote this proposal at least five or six years ago, I didn’t know France would be so hot. God did, and the book came about in His perfect timing. I’d explored the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the Philippines. Such a shame that I was leaving out France, so I set about to write a novel located in that country.

Thirdly, there was so much good material to pull from. The French resistance, while small, did good work and sacrificed a great deal to get Jews out of the country and into Switzerland or Spain. The books that Kristy, Melanie, Sarah, and I write are all so different. Only the setting is the same. And when I found out that the famous mime Marcel Marceau was part of the resistance, I couldn’t help but giving him a cameo. Be on the lookout!

Along the way, I discovered some truly heartrending incidents that took place in France. They also compelled me to write this book. I long for the world to remember what happened so that we will never forget. And so that the atrocities committed there will never be repeated.

Fourthly, this was originally the third book in a series. Don’t worry – it’s a stand-alone. Maybe someday I’ll get to publish the other two. The women in the series are all American journalists in Europe. One is a reporter, the other is a broadcaster, and so I decided to make Nellie, the heroine in A Picture of Hope, a photojournalist. And where better to take pictures than on Omaha Beach soon after D-day. How she gets there is based on a very interesting true story, so be sure to read to the end for that one.

There are so many stories about WWII to be told and so many countries that participated in the conflict in one way or the other. The ground is so rich that we aren’t plowing the same parcel. You’ll find all of these books to be very different from each other, each with its own message, its own voice, and its own plot.

The focus in my book is on children with Down syndrome. I have a background in special education, and my husband and I adopted a child from the Philippines with an intellectual disability, so I’ve always had a heart for people with special needs. My daughter brings us so much joy that I wanted to share a glimpse into what these remarkable people are truly capable of.

So that is why I wrote a WWII novel set in France. Make yourself a cup of café au lait, butter up a croissant, and enjoy A Picture of Hope!

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Publication date: 24th August, 2021

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Purchase Link –

Book Description

Dolly Perkins and Jack Larkin have grown up in the notorious gin palaces of Birmingham.
It’s a world of happiness and friendship, but also violence and poverty. Now that Dolly runs the Daydream Gin Palace on Gin Barrel Lane she can finally control her own destiny, but sometimes fate still plays its hand. 

Keen to expand her empire, Dolly and Jack take on a new pub, but they are in for a shock when a foul smell in one of the bedrooms turns out to come from a body hidden in the wall. 

As the police hunt for their suspect, rumours abound, spread by the local urchins – happy to be used as runners for a little bit of food and a coin or two. 

But rumours can be dangerous, and as one of the worst winters on record covers everything in snow, Dolly and Jack have to fight for the lives they have made for themselves, and for the urchins that they have come to think of as family.  Will the arrival of a new baby on Gin Barrel Lane bring the promise of new hope, or will the long-awaited thaw uncover new secrets and new tragedies…

The Queen of Black Country sagas is back on Gin Barrel Lane with a rip-roaring, heart-warming, page-turning story of family, friendship and beating the odds. Perfect for fans of Val Wood and Lyn Andrews.

My Review

What an interesting book.

At first, I thought Dolly was too free with the way she was spending money but that is fiction.

I like Dolly beautiful heart and Jack, what a character.

The plot was okay with the right amount of suspense and action.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the Author

Lindsey Hutchinson is a bestselling saga author whose novels include The Workhouse Children. She was born and raised in Wednesbury, and was always destined to follow in the footsteps of her mother, the multi-million selling Meg Hutchinson. Lindsey’s first title for Boldwood was published in February 2020.

Social Media Links –



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Bookbub profile


Genre: Historical Fiction Saga

Publisher: Aria

Publication date: July 8, 2021

Book Blurb

With war looming, can they lift the spirits of the troops?

It’s 1914 and the effects of war are reaching London. Sick and injured servicemen are returning home and Lizzie Kellaway and her godmother Margaret Penrose are determined to do their bit to help them. With Lizzie’s beautiful singing voice and Margaret’s talent for the piano, concerts in hospitals and convalescent homes offer the perfect opportunity to lift the spirits of men who have suffered so much.

When Polly Meadows‘s fiancé rejects her and leaves for the war, she doesn’t hesitate before travelling to London to be with her childhood friend, Lizzie. It isn’t long before she’s persuaded to join their efforts to entertain the troops. At least while performing Polly can forget her troubles and open her soul to the joy of singing.

But the ongoing war brings even more heartache. With all three women facing struggles, one thing is certain: these wartime singers will need each other more than ever before…

A heartwarming and gritty wartime saga, perfect for fans of Nancy Revell, Molly Green and Elaine Everest.

My Review

Having read one of Lesley Eames books, The Orphan Twins, I was very sure that this particular book of hers will be interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Lizzie, Polly, Margaret, Harry and Matt were characters I was always looking out for while reading the book.

I love how the title came about and it is so perfect for the plot.

I could empathize with some characters and I was pleased at some scenes. I am not going to give out spoilers but you need to check out this book.

Lesley Eames writes well. I am looking forward to any other books she is going to write by God’s grace.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About Lesley

I’ve always loved writing and spent my schooldays sitting by classroom windows staring at the sky and dreaming up stories. As a result I never mastered simultaneous equations or kinetic theory but enough education filtered through to get me to university and blag my way into a series of careers – firstly as a solicitor, then as an event organiser and, in time, as a Marketing and Fundraising Development Manager for a charity.

Writing was an important part of all of those jobs, from explaining complex legal issues in plain language to composing newsletters, adverts and funding applications. However, much as I enjoyed those creative outlets, my favourite kind of writing is fiction. People are endlessly fascinating to me and I just love creating characters then exploring their challenges and triumphs.

I’ve now written three historical romances set in the years from 1910 to the Roaring 20s when hardship and glamour sat side by side. The first two, The Runaway Women in London and The Brighton Guest House Girls, were shortlisted in the UK’s Romantic Novel Awards. The third, The Orphan Twins, was published in July 2020. All three books feature lively characters and explore friendship, courage, loyalty and love in difficult times.

As well as writing my own stories, I have many years’ experience of mentoring other writers too, so do take a look at my ‘For Writers’ page.

Writing achievements – 90 short story sales to the women’s magazine market, winning the Festival of Romance New Talent Award and the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Elizabeth Goudge Cup, being shortlisted in the Historical Romance category of the UK Romantic Novel Awards and success in competitions as varied as crime writing to writing for children.

Where I live – Originally Manchester but currently in Hertfordshire.


Genre: Historical Family Saga Fiction

Publisher: Pan MacMillan

Publication date: October 27, 2015

Book Blurb

Can love survive when all is lost?

England is at war, but nothing can dim land girl Esther Wynford’s happiness at marrying the love of her life—fighter pilot Monty Grant. Their short honeymoon results in a baby, but on the birth of her daughter, Joy, Esther’s world falls apart. Esther’s dying mother confesses to a dark secret that she has kept to herself for 20 years: Esther is not her natural daughter but the result of an exchange of babies after her own child was stillborn. Esther’s real mother was being forced to give up her baby to an orphanage by her furious family, who were incensed about the unsuitability of their daughter’s lover, and Joy’s birth makes the reason clear.

Harshly rejected by Monty, and with the man Esther believed was her father breathing fire and damnation, she takes her precious baby and leaves everything and everyone she’s ever known, determined to fend for herself and her child. But her fight is just beginning.

My Review

The Colours of Love by Rita Bradshaw.

This is the first book of Rita’s I am reading and I love her writing style.

My heart bled at the amount of racism and prejudice done to people with different skin colour.

The main character, Esther is so strong and resilient. I really enjoyed her roles in the plot.

From this book,I learnt that the colours of our skins are not to be used as yardstick to know the real us.

This is a book that expertly covered racism and world war in an interesting way.

The fact that the author is a Christian makes this book more spectacular. She wrote this book in a way that anybody is welcome to read it.

I voluntarily reviewed this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the author

Rita Bradshaw is the author of Born to TroubleBreak of DawnEve and Her Sisters, and The Urchin’s Song.


Genre: Historical Fiction Saga/ Women’s Fiction/ Romance

Publication date: 18th February, 2021

Publisher: Little Brown Sphere

Book Blurb

The Mother’s Day Club

Meet the women on the home front . . .

When the residents of Great Plumstead offer to open up their homes to evacuees from London, they’re preparing to care for children. So when a train carrying expectant mothers pulls into the station, the town must come together to accommodate their unexpected new arrivals . . .

Sisters Prue and Thea welcome the mothers with open arms, while others fear their peaceful community will be disrupted.

But all pregnant Marianne seeks is a fresh start for herself and her unborn child. Though she knows that is only possible as long as her new neighbours don’t discover the truth about her situation.

The women of Great Plumstead, old and new, are fighting their own battles on the home front. Can the community come together in a time of need to do their bit for the war effort?

Purchase Links

Amazon UK –

Amazon US –



My Review

The Mother’s Day Club by Rosie Hendry.

What a beautiful and alluring book cover. I really enjoyed reading this book and I loved how theme of motherhood was largely centered in this book.

Through this book, I learnt more about the Second World War.

I loved the characters here. Mirannne and Thea were two out of my favourite characters.

Being a fashion designer who enjoys bringing fabrics into life with beautiful designs of styles made me to relate totally with Miranne as she made dresses for the women in the village.

I love the coziness and the huge meals eaten in the plot made me hungry.

Overall, this is a clean and great book that I can proudly recommend to anybody seeking for a cozy read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the author

Rosie Hendry lives by the sea in Norfolk with her husband and children. A former teacher and research scientist, she’s always loving reading and writing. She started off writing short stories for magazines, her stories gradually becoming longer as her children grew bigger. Listening to her father’s tales of life during the Second World War sparked Rosie’s interest in this period and she’s especially intrigued by how women’s lives changed during the war years. She loves researching further, searching out gems of real life events which inspire her writing. When she’s not working, Rosie enjoys walking along the beach, reading and is grateful for the fact that her husband is a much better cook than her.

Social Media Links –

Twitter @hendry_rosie



Instagram rosiehendryauthor


Genre: General  Fiction( Adult)/ Historical Fiction Saga.

Publication date: 05 January, 2021

Publisher: Boldwood Books.

Available online wherever books are sold

Book Blurb

The start of a thrilling new series, from bestselling author Lizzie Lane which follows three friends through thick and thin.

Bristol 1939.School leaver Maisie Miles suspects her father, a small-time crook, has an ulterior motive for insisting she gets a job at the W. D. & H. O. Wills tobacco factory but keeps it to herself.

She’s befriended by effervescent Phyllis Mason and kind-hearted Bridget Milligan who take pity on her and take Maisie under their wing.

But beneath their happy go lucky exteriors they all harbour dreams and worries about what the future holds.

Engaged to be married Phyllis dreams of romance and passion but when it comes there are dire consequences.

Bridget seemingly the level headed one harbours a horror of something unspeakable that she cannot easily come to terms with.

There’s great comradeship at the tobacco factory, and with the advent of war everything is about to change and even the closest friendships are likely to be strained.

My Review

The book cover is just too pretty to ignore. This facilitated me requesting for this book from Boldwood Books through NetGalley and I am glad I got approved.

Such an interesting book I must say.
The characters will live with you and you can’t forget them in a hurry.

As usual, I love reading historical fiction novels and this particular book did not disappoint me.

The author is a new author to me, so I might watch out for her books in the nearest future by God’s grace.

I really love “The Tobacco Girls”. I couldn’t pick a favourite out of the three girls because each of them were important in the plot.

I really hope there is another book that continues their story because this book is too good to close “The Tobacco Girls” chapter. *winks*.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the author

Lizzie Lane has published over fifty novels, most of which have been sagas which have made it into the top thirty bestselling paperbacks on a number of occasions. has published over fifty novels, most of which have been sagas which have made it into the top thirty bestselling paperbacks on a number of occasions.
A one time live aboard sailor, she’s now a landlubber living in Somerset still avidly writing, but also between times seeking out bargains in charity shops, redecorating and redesigning rooms, drinking too much wine and indulging in home cooked food. Apart from that she’s perfectly normal