Hi! I know this is an unusual blog post but I have been overwhelmingly busy for a good cause.

I got these books from my friend. She has a mini library in her house and it felt magical touching the spines of those books.

The books from my friend’s mini library.
Who Brings Forth The Wind by Lori Wick. Oldie but goodie!

I have taken a liking to ebooks so seeing physical copies of books make me to marvel at the pages I must have read in ebook format.

Reclaiming Nick by Susan May Warren.

These are pictures of some books I saw in her mini library. My friend is an extremely avid reader. I am sure I can’t keep up with her pace in reading. We do friendly competitions sometimes.

Into The Whirlwind by Elizabeth Camden.
The Preacher’s Wife by Brandi Boddie.
Against The Tide by Elizabeth Camden. I have reviewed one of her books on this blog. You can check it out.

Let me know which book appeals to you and I might do a book review on it in my spare time.

A collection of books I borrowed some time ago.
Just look at these books! Can you spot any familiar books?

Thank you for sticking around. I appreciate all my amazing subscribers and visitors. I love you all!

With love from The Book Chic ❤️


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