Genre: Historical Romantic Fantasy

Series: Stone God #1 and #2

Publisher: Luna Publisher

Book Blurb for Shield of the Sky.

Ever since witnessing a sacred ritual, Rhenna of the Free People has been isolated. Not outcast, yet not part of her tribe, she walks alone, guarding the land’s borders. And growing more troubled by the changes in the wind. Anger and war are rising. The mountain-dwelling shapeshifters–partners to the Free People–are disappearing, and word has come of an evil new god:The Stone God, whose followers are known by the red stones they hold and the chaos that accompanies them.

So when Rhenna hears that a shapeshifter has been captured by the Stone God’s servants, she must rescue him. Now Rhenna is embroiled in a dangerous game as the forces of evil and nature fight to control humanity’s future.Together with a growing band–the enigmatic shaman Tahvo, the panther shapechanger Cian and the rebel Quintus of conquered Tiberia–she must travel the world, seeking to prevent its destruction.

Whatever danger lies ahead, the downfall of the Stone God has begun….

Book Blurb for Hammer of the Earth

The Stone God is building in power….

Defeating an empire takes many weapons, and Rhenna and her band–including shape-shifting panther Cian–must brave unpredictable dangers, crossing vast deserts, trackless jungles and impenetrable swamps to seek the Hammer of the Earth.

Yet the Exalted Ge, who holds the Hammer in her stronghold, has set deadly traps that rise out of the Earth itself. Even if Rhenna and her companions can defeat a goddess, do they dare trust each other when the Hammer has done its work?

Meanwhile, in Karchedon, their ally Quintus must decide if working from within the Emperor’s palace will aid in the downfall of the Stone God or simply betray all he holds dear.

Despite every battle won, the power of the Stone God still stands against them. And the ultimate victory may demand the ultimate price….

Book Review

Shield of the Sky by Susan Krinard.

I was drawn into the pages by the author. This book is unlike any book I have read before. I tried to classify the genre while reading but the pages had my attention.

There are two books in the series. Book one introduced us to the characters and the deadly adventures they had. It was the war of good and evil. I had favourites in the book. Tahvo, Rhenna and Cian.

The plot was so great I had to get book two so fast.

Hammer of the Earth.

This is book two of the series. I enjoyed reading the book as I followed the adventures of the characters on a mission against evil ; the Stone God.

New characters were introduced and the suspense were building a deep crescendo in my head. I devoured each page hungrily while rooting for my characters.

I got to the last page and I must confess, I was disappointed that there was not any book three. I could not believe the book ended there. I am suffering from book hangover. These series really grabbed my utmost attention.

Susan Krinard did an excellent job with her series.

I voluntarily reviewed the books. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

Author Bio

Susan makes her home in New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment,” with her husband, Serge, her dogs, Freya, Nahla and Cagney, and her cat, Jefferson. Susan’s interests include music (just about any kind), old movies, gardening and getting out into nature. She also bakes a mean chocolate cake.



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