Genre: Historical Romance/Sagas

Series: The Village Secrets, Book 2

Publication Date: August 11, 2020

Publisher: Harper Collins

Book can be purchased online.

Book Description

It was her wedding day… the roses and bluebells were blooming and their sweet-scent was filling the air, so why did Daisy feel the cold fingers of fear run down her spine?
Spring in the village, April 1869
It’s spring in Little Creek and wedding bells are ringing. After their hasty marriage the Christmas before, Daisy is overjoyed to be finally marrying dashing Jay properly, in front of the whole village.
But then, on the evening of their wedding, amid the festivities, Jay disappears. Daisy doesn’t know if Jay is dead or alive, if she’s his wife or his widow. And what’s more, without her husband, she has no means of supporting herself or her household.
Refusing to give up hope, Daisy must draw on all her strength and courage – after all, she has people who depend on her. But the secret of Jay’s disappearance is more scandalous that she could have ever imagined…

Book Review

A Village Scandal by Dilly Court.

Dilly Court has been one of my favorite authors for all books historical fiction. Her heroines are brave women and this particular book was indeed Dilly’s style.

In this book, the book plot and themes synced together. The female protagonist, Daisy displayed so much wisdom and bravery for someone so young.

There are lots of characters to choose from. My favourite are Ivy, Jack, Marius, Judy and Mary. You cannot help loving them.

I highly recommend this book. The book cover is beautiful too.

I voluntarily reviewed this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

Author’s Bio

Dilly Court grew up in North East London and began her career in commercial television, writing scripts for commercials. She is married with two grown up children, and now lives in Dorset on the beautiful Jurassic Coast with her husband and large, yellow Labrador. 


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