Genre: Historical Saga/Romance

Publication date: January 1, 2015

Publisher: MIRA

Series: Post War Saga Trilogy, Book 1

Book Blurb

1945. Finally, peace has been declared. Cathie hardly dares believe that Alex, the fiancé she has not seen for nearly two years, is coming home. And, finally, life can begin again for Cathie and the orphaned baby in her care.

But the Alex who returns is not the kind, loving man Cathie remembers. He’s cold, selfish, sometimes even frightening. So Cathie has a choice: stand by him, and try to contain his violent temper? Or hold her tiny baby close…and run from the man she has yearned for.

Home is Where the Heart Is is a heart-wrenchingly, poignant new saga from Freda Lightfoot, set in the aftermath of World War II.

My Review

Home is where the Heart is by Freda Lightfoot.

I have never read a book that had suspense so deep and intense I sacrificed my sleep to read more pages.

This is the first book of the author I am reading and I must confess, I can not wait to read other books by her.

British Historical fiction has always been my favourite genre.

In this book, you will get to see awesome characters like Cathy, Heather, Steve, Brenda and Rona. Of course, there will be antagonists in a good novel and this author did a great job balancing them.

Indeed Home is where the heart is. There are lots of themes to discover in this book.

I read this book within three days despite my busy schedule and I love it.

I highly recommend it to you if you are seeking for an adventure back in historical sagas.

I voluntarily reviewed this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the Author

Freda Lightfoot was born and brought up in the mill towns of Lancashire. She has been a teacher, bookseller and smallholder but began her writing career by publishing over forty short stories and articles and five historical romances under a different name. Having lived for many years in the Lake District and also in Cornwall, she now tries to divide her time between the two.

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