Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

Series: Book 5 of 6. Saints and Sinners Series

Publisher: Gracetide Press

Publication date: June 11, 2021

Book Blurb

A captivating Christian romance series from an Amazon Bestselling author.**

Chloe Campbell knows all my secrets—except one.

So far, none of my dark secrets have succeeded in turning her against me. But this one will. Which is why I must tell her.

After she survives a near-death experience instigated by my evil bosses, I’m done with letting her think there’s hope for us. I need her to forget about me and protect herself. That’s why she needs to know the truth.

When I tell her my final secret, she’ll realize that I’m nothing but a big, fat dead-end. And she’ll walk away. Which is exactly what I want.

They say lasers are only effective because the light is hyper-focused. Well, my darkness fractures all light and even God can’t help me.

But with my life coming crashing down and my bosses pulling out all the stops to make sure I never break free from them, maybe I’m finally getting desperate enough to seek Him.

My Review

Wow! Book 5 gave me the edge of the seat feeling. The suspense was so deep, I could not resist grabbing Book 6.

That plot was intense and I love the progression. No boring moments at all.

Well done, Dayo Benson!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are mine.

About the Author

Dayo Benson is passionate about using fiction to convey powerful messages about redemption and God’s love. She is the author of over forty Christian novels. From sweet contemporary fiction and gritty romantic thrillers, to paranormal Christian romance, Dayo writes in a wide variety of niches. A message of hope is common to all her books regardless of genre. When she is not writing, Dayo enjoys music, reading and going for long walks. She lives in North West England with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. Learn more about Dayo and her upcoming books at

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