Author: Patricia Johns

Title: Jeb’s Wife

Genre: Christian Fiction/ Amish Romance

Publisher: Kensington Books,Zebra

Publication date: 25th August,2020


Book Blurb

Patricia Johns’ sensitive storytelling brings depth and heart to this tender story of second chances, as an Amish woman embarks on marriage with the gruff farmer next door . . .

Once, Leah Riehl prayed for a husband. The man she loved chose another, wanting the children that Leah can’t provide. But she’s found a measure of peace, keeping house for her brother, Simon, and teaching in a nearby town. Now though, Simon’s debts to an Englisher gambling ring have left Leah with a desperate dilemma–and a surprising offer from her scarred, reclusive neighbor. Jebadiah King needs to marry in order to claim his family farm. A union, for appearances only, will help them both.

Jeb knows his scars make him a less than ideal husband, but he can be a useful one. It’s the least that Leah deserves. But despite the promises he made to himself, Jeb can’t help longing for his lovely, warmhearted new wife. His first marriage brought heartbreak, but Leah’s gentle smiles spark hope again. Are they willing to take the leap that love requires–and open themselves to all the challenges and joy a true marriage could bring?

My Review

Jeb’s Wife by Patricia Johns is a beautiful book that deserves a 5 star rating by me.

First of all, I love the book cover. I used the woman on the cover to imagine along with the author. I love reading Amish books. It is a new and interesting genre to me.

Themes of love,support,family,good food that makes me hungry are well navigated here.

Goodness gracious!,you need to meet a character called Jeb. I could empathise and sympathise with him at the same time.

My heart went out to Leah who has to deal with her gambling addict of a brother. I wanted to yell at Simon to quit gambling and be useful.

This book raised lots of emotions in me. I am glad I could connect to the book in a realistic human level.

I love the happy ending. There is beauty in ashes I must say!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington Books through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About the author

Patricia Johns is also the author of The Bishop’s Daughter and Thursday’s Bride, as well as fifteen books published by multiple Harlequin series lines. You can learn more about her at