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Author: Patricia Beal

Book title: Desert Willow

Genre: Christian Fiction/ Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Candlelight Fiction (LPC Books)

Publication date: February 12,2020

Pages: 226 (Epub format)

Book Blurb

After a failed engagement, Captain Andrew Lee James has focused on building a career in the Army he loves. That commitment includes helping a feisty, out-of-work ballerina whose devotion to her grandmother’s dying wish immediately grabs his heart. She’s the one, but will he be able to win the heart of a woman who has vowed to never be involved with a soldier?

College graduate Clara Malone swore to never love anyone in the military again but when her dying grandmother asks her to deliver a love letter to the general who broke her heart decades ago, she agrees and finds herself escorted by a handsome Army captain whose kindness challenges her beliefs. Surrounded by desert willows that shower her path with pretty pink flowers and sing with the buzzing of hummingbirds, Clara enjoys the wild beauty of El Paso—and her time with Andrew—more than expected.

Can she deliver her grandmother’s last love letter without losing her heart to a man who represents everything she fears?

My review

Desert Willow by Patricia Beal is an emotional book.

Some parts of the book made me almost teary. I had different bouts of emotions running through my heart while reading this book.

I love the description of the military.

The plot is heavy on forgiveness and love.

I love the two characters ,Andrew and Clara. I was happy to discover them through this book.

I love the scenes where cooking was described. I love cooking and I really paid attention to these new recipes.

This is a good book with themes of love, forgiveness, second chances,redemption and many more themes I would love you to find out in this book.

The relationship between Clara and her mother is something worth admiring. I wish every girl can make her mother her best friend.

I love the way the author described Ballet. I felt like a ballerina in this book. A ballerina somewhere far in El Paso.

I was glad over Clara when she found second chance with God. Nobody is beyond redemption. There is no sin so great that God can’t forgive. That’s why he is a forgiving God.

I love the ending! So emotional and beautiful. All I could say was “Hurray“.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. All opinions expressed in this review are honest and completely my own.

About the Author

Author Patricia Beal

Patricia Beal is from Brazil and immigrated to the United States in 1992. She fell in love with the English language while washing dishes at McDonald’s and learned enough to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). She put herself through college working at a BP gas station and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Cincinnati in 1998 with a B.A. in English Literature. She was the news editor of the university newspaper for two years.

After an internship at the Pentagon, she worked as a public affairs officer for the U.S. Army for seven years. She was a spokesperson for five general officers, providing statements for television, radio, and print.

Patricia was in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, when the first Operation Enduring Freedom detainees arrived, and the stories she filed during the early days of the detention operation there gained national attention. Writing from Iraq in the first year of Operation Iraqi Freedom, she focused on feature stories for Army newspapers, and a feature on a day in the life of “Bad Luck Squad” won her a Keith L. Ware award in print journalism.

She fell in love with a handsome airborne infantryman during a stint at Fort Bragg, married him, and quit her special operations speechwriting job to have his babies.

Soon came the desire to have book babies, too. Gloria Kempton and Writer’s Digest author Jeff Gerke have been great coaches and mentors. Patricia is an American Christian Fiction Writers member, a 2015 Genesis semi-finalist, and a 2015 First Impressions finalist. She became a Christian as an adult and writes about searching for God with compassion, humor and understanding.

She has danced ballet since her childhood and has performed with pre-professional companies in South America, Europe and the United States. Her dance experience brings great flavor and authenticity to her first novel, A Season to Dance. She’s been stationed in Germany twice, and that experience, too, brings great flavor and authenticity to that story.

Patricia Beal as a ballet dancer

You can visit her on her website at