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Author: Denise Janette Bruneau

Book title: Heart Chimes

Publisher: Zimbell House Publishing

Genre: Christian Fiction/Romance

Publication date: 05 May,2020

Book format: eBook (Epub)


Author of Finding Home, Denise Janette Bruneau brings us another story about hope, love, and unyielding faith in God.

Dr. Marla Devereaux tries to balance her career as an ER doctor with her duties as a wife until she discovers that her husband has been having an affair while hiding his infidelity as frequent “business trips.” Devastated with the loss of her marriage, Marla’s life suddenly changes when she receives a letter in the mail, informing her of an inheritance from her grandmother in Guntersville, Alabama.

Moving into her grandparents’ lake house from her home in Cincinnati, Marla finds a man already there, an ER nurse named Micah Brady. Getting to know her grandmothers’ handsome tenant, Marla soon learns that Micah is suffering from a loss of his own.

Holding onto the objects that give them hope, for Micah his heart-tattoo and for Marla, her grandparents’ grandfather clock, the two of them rediscover true, Godly love.

My Review

Heart Chimes by Denise Janette Bruneau is an interesting Christian fiction romance book.

I love how emotional the book is. My heart totally went to Marla. I could understand the reasons her husband ,Charlie made for the dissolution of their marriage. Regardless, I do not support his adulterous affair or insensitivity.

I was impressed with the author’s knowledge of Medicine. I was enjoying the hospital terms and terminologies. I enjoyed the fact that Marla is a doctor.

Micah Brady,a nurse at the ER was described interestingly in the book. I was surprised to know he was a widower and I could empathise with his refusal to go out with the young cheery nurse at the ER.
Sometimes grief is so hard, you will need healing to overcome it.

I was upset at Charlie’s cruelty to Marla but I assured myself that the plot is getting more interesting. I admire how Marla could take her problems to God in prayers.

I love how God brought kind people like Delaney,Millie and others to cheer her up and the beautiful memories Marla had with her grandparents.

Guntersville ,a place where Marla ran to after her divorce can be described by me as a place of refuge from the storms of life. The people in this tiny place are so friendly, warm and understanding. I perfectly understood why Marla and Micah felt at peace there.

I love the happy ending. God is so wonderful.

The author writes amazingly believable stories. I highly recommend this book.

I received an advanced readers copy of this book in eBook format from the publisher, Zimbell House Publishing through NetGalley. I was not required to write this review. All opinions expressed in this review are honest and they are mine.

About the Author

Author Denise Janette Bruneau

Denise Bruneau is a wife, mom, doctor, and writer. She resides in Kentucky with her husband, Mark, and her three children. She works as an OB Hospitalist, and writes in her spare time. She enjoys delivering babies, writing, reading, nature walks, exercise, and yoga. Her first novel, Lavender Sky, was published in 2018. Her second novel, Finding Home, was published in 2019. She loves to write love stories about life that are believable-stories that demonstrate God’s love for people. She is a breast cancer survivor and loves the Lord with all of her heart.