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FBI special agent Bob Capone’s hand-picked team of experts work feverishly through the night to connect a curious electronic box, the Bennetti crime family, and Empire Airline captain Mike Nicholson. As the sun sneaks the first light into the nation’s capitol, Capone is finally able to make sense of the myriad of bizarre events brought to his desk during the long night. Flight 855 will depart Chicago in only minutes, and the horrific nightmare will begin to unfold. Capone knows that he’ll need more than a miracle to prevent the crazed airline captain from fulfilling his diabolic quest.

Newgate’s Knocker is a fictional story, however, the highly sophisticated wave pulse generator described in the book is, in fact, based on tested technology. Should such a device become viable and available to terrorist organizations, then Newgate’s Knocker could prove prophetic.

My Review

If you want to read a book about planes,FBI investigations, crimes,bombs,terrorism, edge of the seat adventure, this is the right book for you.

Newgate’s Knocker by Greg W. Peterson is an aviation thriller,crime/detective genre. It has 42 interesting chapters . I could feel the suspense and action in the pages of the book. The author is so descriptive and I love description.

I love the opening pages of this book. It is action packed and well written. I cannot stop emphasizing on how the book provided a great adventure with page turning suspense. Throughout this book, I was an aviator or should I say a pilot?

I enjoyed the flirting and sweet romance between Captain Mac and Flight attendant Claire. I was amused by their shy conversations. I really wanted Mac to ask Claire out already!

The suspense was great. My heart was beating fast in some scenes. I was dumbfounded by the powerful intellect and masterminding plans of the terrorists and the investigative prowesses of the FBI. I was literally watching an action packed movie in my hands through this book. I think this book should be turned into an action movie. So much technology and planes.

It was in this book that I learnt how precious the seconds,minutes and hours of the time are. A lot can happen within 24 hours. While reading this book,I was reminded of a TV series I watched years ago. The title of the series was “24 hours” and the lead actor was an intelligent man called Jack Bauer. Newgate’s Knocker did a good job taking me down memory lane. So much action. I cannot stop gushing.

If you want a glimpse to what the book is all about,let me help you by giving you a teeny little spoiler. It is about a man’s vendetta which costs lots of lives. You really need to read this book to get the full gist.

I sincerely love how organised and thorough the agencies in the book worked to prevent further plane crashes and to catch the offenders. Even the President of America in this fictional novel was alerted and urgency was carried out to curtail the situation. From my bed at home, while reading this book, I wanted to enter the book and save America. It was so real!

As serious as this book is,there is a good amount of humour to lighten the tension. I was thankful for that.

Book cover: The book cover is a perfect painted scenario of the bombed scene in the book. A flight carrying passengers was bombed by a man fuelled by his personal vendetta.

I love the last chapter! Immediately I got to the last page,I was happy. The bad guys were caught. Hurray!

I received this book for free by the author. A favourable review was not required and all opinions,thoughts and views in this book review are mine and absolutely honest.

About the author

Greg W. Peterson

Greg Peterson is a prior naval aviator, commercial airline pilot, and air traffic control specialist. He holds nearly every fixed wing flight certificate available and is a certified ground and instrument instructor. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

Although Mr. Peterson has been published in a number of professional magazines. “Newgate’s Knocker” is his first full-length novel. The story is fictional, however you may find it interesting that the historical background of the main character, Mac Macintyre is based on Mr. Peterson’s real life, and most of the aviation sequences are also taken from his flying experiences.


Greg W. Peterson lives with his wife in northern Georgia in the winter months, and in the “Lakes Area” of Minnesota in the summer. Mr. Peterson is retired and enjoys golf, art, writing, fishing, golf, and billiards. He has two adult children who he does not see enough of.

You can contact him on his website:


Imagine a weapon that can disable any electronic or electrical device, silently and undetectably. What if terrorists controlled such a weapon? What if this technology exists today?

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Happy reading!



  1. The reviewer did a good job, as I am really interested in the book NOW. Grest review! I should be getting a copy ASAP!!


  2. Wow!
    Merely reading the review, I feel like I’ve read the book through.
    Good job Excel and I look forward to reading the book.


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