My Beauty For Your Ashes (Promises to Zion Series book 1)

Four lives connected by one secret. The key to unlocking the answers…forgiveness.
Elder Paige Morganson has come back from the brink of suicide and dealt with most of the anger and pain from her past. Now, she serves as a well-loved minister at her church, and full-time writer and women’s motivational speaker.
As she juggles these roles, she is also artfully dodging her pastor’s attempts at matchmaking. Her world is rocked when a door she thought closed forever opens once again, spilling secrets even she was unaware of.
Elder Brandon Tatum has finally stepped out from under his father’s shadow and is looking forward to what God has in store for his new ministerial career. He has no time for stubborn, golden-eyed beauties who haunt his dreams.
Widower Mason Jenson’s top priority is his daughter, Vivian. When a near-fatal accident jeopardizes her livelihood, his search for a living donor brings him face to face with a beautiful, golden-eyed woman who looks oddly familiar.
Vivian’s grandmother, Victoria Branchett, would also do anything to ensure the health of her granddaughter. But in her mind, Mason Jensen is not to be trusted. Especially since she believes he is to blame for her daughter’s death.
As the years of secrets binding these four together begin to unravel, will they overcome their anger and prejudices to find the peace and love they have long desired?

Keywords: Christian Women’s fiction, African American Christian Fiction, Christian Romance, God-fearing, Forgiveness, Relationships, Redemption, Faith.


My Beauty For Your Ashes by Traci Wooden- Carlisle is a wonderful and deep book. I call it deep because it touches some scenarios in the present day society. It has 474 pages and 51 chapters. It is an emotional, entertaining, descriptive and attention grabbing book!

The first few pages were descriptive and emotional. I was impressed at the smooth flow of words and I could imagine along with the writer of the book. The author has great word building skill.

In chapter one,page 12, my attention was drawn to a certain paragraph that looked like an eulogy.

“Stone Winters was a lifetime disappointment to his family and anyone who dared to get close enough to call him ‘friend’. He was a liar,a cheater,woman beater,and the cause of much heartbreak to his Mom until she died four years ago. He used everyone he met and left many children fatherless. When I went to visit him Last Friday,he was headed to hell with a long-standing reservation to burn forever”. pg


Isn’t that so blunt? That paragraph gave me the impression that this book was going to be entertaining.

The theme of forgiveness was portrayed severally in this book. I got to understand that it is okay to face your fears.

Each chapter has a way of luring you to find out more in the next pages of the book. I even fell in love with a twelve year old girl called Vivi (Vivian) at the beginning of the book.

The book commands so much attention. Some paragraphs were a bit preachy but it was well utilized. I was comfortable with it.

This book is a Christian fiction genre with references to the scriptures as they apply to the characters in the plot. It is also full of suspense. Traci Wooden- Carlisle writes so well your “heart will be in your mouth” figuratively. Her pages has a way of making you grab a blanket and getting comfortable on your favourite chair as the plot deepens interestingly.

I won’t stop emphasizing on the theme of forgiveness. My heart bled literally on some of the character’s stories. How is it easy to eulogise at the funeral of someone who molested you at age 14 and pregnancy arose with complications? Let’s be real,is it truly easy? Those questions arose when I was reading Paige’s confession to Pastor Lawrence in his office.
The author perfectly made me to understand that with God’s grace,forgiveness is easy.

The themes of rape,incest,abortion, hate,anger,unforgiveness,untold hidden secrets and bitterness were well illustrated in this book with forgiveness as the central theme. There was also the theme of love.

Traci Wooden Carlise is a new author to me and I am happy to announce that I will be adding her to my list of amazing Christian fiction writers.

The Book Cover: The book cover is so beautiful and looking at it alone shows that the pages inside are going to be heart gripping, intriguing and entertaining.

I received this complimentary copy for free. A favourable review was not required and these are my own opinions about the book.

My Beauty for Your Ashes is the first book in the Promises to Zion series. Promises Fulfilled, the fifth installment in the series released on March 28, 2020.


“My Beauty For Your Ashes” is available in both the electronic and paperback forms on Amazon. It is free on Kindle Unlimited.


Author Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Traci Wooden-Carlisle began writing poetry and short stories as soon as she was able to form words on paper. She used that as a way to create worlds, as well as, to communicate with God. A native of Los Angeles, California, she grew up attending United Methodist Church under the leadership of a pastor whose heart was for youth. Once she finished college she found herself at a loss. She felt caught in the transition between childhood and adulthood. She surrounded herself with saints and volunteered her services as a graphic artist. Through the early-morning prayer, all night Friday prayer and 3-day shut-ins she started on her journey toward her most desired gift, an intimate relationship with God.  She began writing to publish in 2011 and enjoys writing stories that provoke thought and evoke emotions. Her desire is to draw readers into the lives of her characters and share messages of God’s love, His faithfulness and peace. The messages in her books speak to her way before they speak to her readers. Traci lives in San Diego with her husband. When she isn’t writing she does some light traveling or assists people with their physical fitness, creates graphics and designs pretty things for her jewelry business and swag for authors.

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I have been reading books for many years now and I have read so many books that has either escaped from my mind or stayed with me.

There are many of them that I can recommend straight away. I am thankful for authors who writes books to make readers happy.

Among some of the authors that I have read almost all their books and I am awaiting a newest release is an author named Francine Rivers. Have you heard of her? I have read literally all her books! She writes amazingly well.

Francine Rivers is a christian fiction author. She weaves the scriptures into her works of fiction and after reading her book,you will take a deep breath,exhale and say “ what a wonderful book I just read!”. That is how good Francine Rivers writes. You can visit her website at

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Book cover of the book, Chasing Amanda by Robin Patchen

Category : Fiction

Publisher: JDO Publishing

Book type: EPUB

Pages: 93

I enjoyed reading Finding Amanda because it was full of suspense and the author has a great imagination that keeps you glued to the book.

In this book,I was introduced to Amanda Prince and Mark Johnson in a town called Providence. The suspense in the book is so great as a mysterious stalker was thrown in the plot and each page tries to keep the suspense longer.

At a time,I assumed who the nameless stalker was. That’s the power of a well written book but I was wrong!

From the book,I could get some themes out of it. Firstly, there was the theme of love as seen in the budding relationship between Amanda and Mark.

Secondly,the theme of trust. I was amazed at the speed in which Amanda trusted Mark with her heart and life.

This book is a prequel to Finding Amanda by Robin Patchen.

Although,the first few pages were captivating but other pages became too slow for me but I made up my mind to enjoy it and I did at the end.

A question that came to my mind while reading the book was ” What would make a stalker determined to harm his victim?”

I think the answer will be found in the main book Finding Amanda.

If you want to know more about Amanda Prince and Mark Johnson story, I will recommend you visit to get the books and to meet the author.

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My reviews about the Crystal series (Books 1-3) by Dayo Benson

The first three books in the Crystal series by Dayo Benson.

The Crystal series are made up of 9 books in total. Books 1-3 covers the life of a young lady named Crystal Layton-Washington who aspires to be a popular singer but the occult sect, the SOT has bigger plans for her.

The first book is Searchlight, the second book is Surrender and the third book is Insurrection. Each book is so captivating and well written. Every character in these books stays with you even after dropping the books down. Crystal series takes us to the world of Crystal Layton-Washington, Juda the dangerous son of Luke Lincoln, ruler of the dark world and so many interesting characters.

Dayo Benson writes awesomely well. Her Crystal series are suitable for young adults and any book lover of the Supernatural.

I recommend her series if you are looking for an addictive book with a suspense filled plot. I am presently in book 7 of the 9 books in the Crystal series.

You can check out more books about Dayo at

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